‘Day Zero’ Looms In Cape Town

Water Crisis Cape Town South Africa BabyDamAs the dreaded ‘Day Zero’ looms in South Africa, it’s understandably left the residents of Cape Town thinking about how they can combat their water consumption even more.

With homes currently restricted to 50 litres a day, if Day Zero was to come into effect, this would be halved to around 25 litres a day.

To give you an idea of this in a real life situation, it takes 9 litres to flush a toilet and the average shower in the UK would use the daily consumption of 50 litres in one go. And THAT is the water crisis that currently faces the lives of many in Cape Town.

There is much speculation about what has caused the biggest drought and water crisis that has faced Cape Town in many years.

Cape Town is currently experiencing the biggest drought in over a century, a reminder that global warming is happening. Alongside bad water management, it’s easy to overlook this issue and remember that many homes, families and people are struggling to wash, keep clean and survive at this moment in need.

It’s 2018 and water shortages are still a thing, and very much happening. Whilst no one can predict what will happen next, we can come together and support each other in finding ways to preserve those precious water supplies.

This is where BabyDam comes in..

BabyDam is not just an invention to turn your family bath into a baby bath. As the impending water crisis rolls on, you can save those precious water supplies by using a BabyDam to preserve your supply.

BabyDam already proved to help families in need after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and a family used BabyDam to preserve their water supplies. It saved them one less stress that they could do without.

Whilst many in Cape Town are currently using a bucket in the shower to collect the water, BabyDam won’t let you waste a drop. It will protect your water supply for as long as you need it. Provide the biggest or smallest space to run a bath, and it will ensure you can still wash and maintain your hygiene levels whether it’s for one person or a family.

It can help make that difference to your daily life whilst times are uncertain. All South Africa customers can purchase it from BabyDam South Africa.

Let’s all work together to help make #EveryDropCount.

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How To Store The BabyDam

We’re creatures of habit, right? If there’s anything we just love to do it’s hoard stuff. Just in case you know, you might find a use for said item in 15647 years time. With our homes already full to the brim of stuff, what happens when your baby comes along and you’re trying to find new homes for everything new that any baby needs?

It’s difficult not to have a cluttered home if you’re low on storage space, with items such as baby baths which are bulky and take up a lot of room, you’ll probably find that it just makes itself permanent residence on the bathroom floor instead.

Renown for its money, time and water savings, BabyDam features a cleverer design than you think. With a sleek and flexible body, it means that the BabyDam instantly takes up a third of space that a traditional baby bath would.

BabyDam can be slotted, stuck  or hung. Out of sight, out of mind…

Hang It – The BabyDam USA features handy cut out holes at the top of the product so that it  can easily be hung up to dry and kept out of the way. Simply thread a piece of string through, loop it and hang it on a hook or anything else. It’s as easy as that!

Stick It – The 2 suction cups on the bottom of the BabyDam serve more purpose than just creating that seal and barrier within the bath. Once you’ve finished using it, simply stick the suction cups to the wall in the shower/bathroom. Fuss free bath time ready until next time!

Slot It – With its thin, lightweight body, the BabyDam can easily be slotted underneath a bed, kept in a chest of drawers, and even just laid against the end of the bath tub ready for its next use.

Its slightly flexible shape means that it can be moulded easily without damage. It’s lightweight and flexible enough to even be stored in a suitcase or an overnight bag.

With so many storage possibilities, that’s one less stress to have when you’re getting baby ready for bath time. We’d love to hear where or how you store your BabyDam, comment below or tweet us! It’s the storage solution for baby bath time we’ve all been looking for!

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Different Uses For The BabyDam

Contrary to popular belief the BabyDam serves more than its primary purpose of creating a  personal baby bath for your little one! Even today we are still discovering and hearing about more uses of the BabyDam that have sprung to mind in moments of need, by parents and families all around the world. This leads us onto our next question, is there really anything the BabyDam can’t do?! We think not. We’ve brought together some of our favourite different reasons and uses for the BabyDam that might get you thinking next time you run your little one their bath!

Saves water, time and money

The main one, and quite a biggie for BabyDam is that is saves water, time and money! Why fill an entire bath for someone so little? BabyDam allows you to customise the family bath, fill only as much as you need, hence saving you precious time as a busy parent and money on your water bills. It’s a win, win all round! It even allows you to fill the bath slightly deeper for your little one because of the smaller area you have to fill, which helps to keep the water warmer for longer!

Creating a Baby Bath

That transition from a baby bath to a family bath is by no means an easy feat for little ones. It can be scary, and appears to be so much bigger. BabyDam can help you customise that cosy, small bathing area – with the ability to increase the size of it as your little one gets bigger. No more having to use the sink or a basket to wash your baby in, the BabyDam is here to be with them every step of the way!

Saving Water (literally)

We were truly touched by one BabyDam customer in the USA who had been using the BabyDam to preserve an emergency water supply during Hurricane Harvey. It was ingenious and a quick thinking mum who had this idea and had one less thing to worry about during the storm. BabyDam does offer so many solutions that are still being discovered and utilised in times of need.

DoggyDam & MoggyDam

Despite the primary purpose, BabyDam isn’t just for babies, it can be for your furry friends too! We’ve seen pictures of BabyDam used for both dogs and cats. The same principle still applies, why run such a big bath for such a little thing? We know that baths can be daunting times for pets too, and we’re sure they will appreciate that cosy little area to bathe in too.


Who needs a fancy foot spa when you can invest in the BabyDam? All parents need a little bit of time to kick back, relax and simply rest! Create a small section in the bath, fill with bubbles, aromatherapy oils and enjoy. Adding a glass of wine into the mix is optional…

There are so many different uses for the BabyDam that we are still discovering today! We want to know, what was the main reason that you purchased a BabyDam? We’d love to know! Keep up to date with the latest news and competitions from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!

BabyDam Has Gone Global!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.02.36

BabyDam has gone global, and it’s been one hectic week at BabyDam HQ! After following a hugely successful launch of the BabyDam USA, it has become apparent to us how there are so many people that have still not discovered or ever heard about the BabyDam, the product that so many parents have been looking for, for so long.

Last week BabyDam was featured in a short, snappy and super cute video featuring the US BabyDam babies (watch it here or below) – to say that it went viral was an understatement! 36 million views later…. and the publicity, awareness and enquiries have not stopped! It’s fair to say that it’s had quite the snowball effect. BabyDam was later picked up by home grown newspaper, The Metro in an article and today, another video made the rounds by US based news and media website, Dose.

A lovely lady also shared a photo of the BabyDam during the devastating hurricane Harvey and had been using it in their bath tub to preserve precious water supplies. We were truly touched by this, and again, another purpose of the BabyDam was found in a time of need. This was later picked up by a news channel in the UK!

BabyDam has had quite the reception over the last week and we’re so excited to see what is next for BabyDam – there’s no denying that it’s the parenting product of the moment! We hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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BabyDam Is Back From ABC Kids Expo 2016!


BabyDam is back from the ABC Kids Expo 16 which took place in Las Vegas at the end of last month. This was an incredibly exciting time for BabyDam as it was going to be the first time that the American market would be properly introduced to the BabyDam. It was one of the biggest trade shows that BabyDam had ever been to, with a huge amount of US independent retailers and international buyers visiting the show. We honestly had the warmest welcome to the US, with so many independent retailers fascinated with the product, as many had never come across such an invention before! Everyone who visited our stand thought  BabyDam was ingenious, and that it would be invaluable to the US market with the rise in droughts and water shortages.

The whole 4 days at the Expo were fantastic, with a huge buzz being created on social media for the BabyDam. If you have been following us on social media you may have seen us popping up on a series of live videos on Facebook and Snapchat stories! With our fantastic USA distributors to hand, we proudly scooped the award of distinction for the most innovative product in baby care at the ABC Kids Expo.


The BabyDam is due to arrive in the US at the end of December, ready for the first shipment to our retailers and customers at the start of 2017. It’s an incredibly exciting time for BabyDam and we hope that you will be with us every step of the way!

Head over to the BabyDam USA site for more information, and don’t forget to subscribe to their mailing list to get all the latest news and updates on the BabyDam arrival date! We’ll see you soon America!

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The BabyDam Family Of Travelling Ducks!

11904671_1120087798019620_5017748211143583279_nIt was little over a year ago when the BabyDam family of ducks arrived on UK shores, and we’ve had a hard case of trying to keep them grounded since then. We think they’re definitely the most well travelled family of ducks in the world…The BabyDam duck family comprises of the Mum & Dad, Dek & Daisy and their two little ducklings Bonny & Bob! Every bath time is a colourful affair with these four, and they make the perfect companions for both bath time and dry play! As the family of ducks become more well travelled by the day, let’s have a look at some of the places that they’ve visited already….10423762_1091390604222673_2039345849488782630_nCiao! The BabyDam ducks love Italy, they queued for hours to get this picture next to the leaning tower of Piza!12799442_1228501567178242_4268038508089198290_nThey waddled across the pond on one of their recent trips to visit the big apple! Can you spot where they are?11539761_1091390594222674_5648577333647646742_nViva Espana! The ducks couldn’t believe the amazing sand art work that they discovered on Cadiz beach!13221562_1288730381155360_3629017680140816727_nEven one of our Spanish distributors Hiperbebe A Coruna got in on the fun and pictured the ducks on the beach in Coruna, doesn’t the weather look beautiful?!12744399_1225793330782399_2973548979591917194_nYou’ll regularly spot the ducks at a nearby airport, ready to jet off on their next adventure! But where will they be heading to next? We want all of our customers and distributors to get involved with the adventures of the BabyDam family of ducks, and we want you to share your pictures of the ducks in your home town, shop, on a holiday or wherever their adventures may take them. We’ll be sharing all of the pictures over on our Facebook page, and we may even give those with the best pictures a prize!

Send your pictures to nicole@babydam.com or tag us in your pictures on social media! Keep up to date of the whereabouts of the ducks on our  Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter feed!

BabyDam is coming to the USA!


If you hadn’t already heard, YES the BabyDam is finally coming to the USA! Due to be arriving late August/September we are already very much anticipating the arrival, and we cant wait for everyone to get a chance at using a BabyDam to save on water bills, energy, time and money! We have been inundated with emails, tweets and facebook messages from people all over the USA and Canada since the very beginning of BabyDam’s existence! It is something that has been in the working for a long time to ensure that we place the BabyDam with a suitable distributor, and to redesign the original BabyDam so that it fits into US tubs (they are slightly larger than standard EU tubs)! So for everyone who is awaiting the arrival, here is everything that you need to know:

When will it be arriving?

BabyDam is due to arrive late August/September 2016. However, if you are interested in the arrival of the BabyDam you can register your interest here so that you can keep up with any updates on the release date.

Will Canada be getting the BabyDam too?

YES! The BabyDam will be available for purchase in the USA and Canada.

Who is going to be the USA distributor?

BabyDam is going to be distributed in the USA by Tyke and Co. a distributor of fine baby & children’s products in the U.S. and Canada since 1999. We are so excited to be a part of their growing empire, and among some other fantastic well known baby brands!

How else can we keep in touch with BabyDam developments?

We have a dedicated Facebook page for BabyDam USA which will again keep you all updated with any developments on the release date of the BabyDam, as well as lots of fantastic pictures of the BabyDam in action! If you do have any other further questions about the arrival of the BabyDam you can also contact us via email on the following:  info@babydamusa.com

2016 is an incredibly exciting time for BabyDam whilst we spread the water saving benefits globally! We would like to say a big thank you for everyone’s patience in waiting for the BabyDam to become available in the USA and Canada, and we promise that it will have been worth the wait!

Are you excited for the BabyDam’s arrival in the USA/Canada? Do let us know over on our Facebook page or Twitter, and don’t forget to register your interest here!



10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Children Can Make


It only felt like yesterday that it was Christmas, and Mother’s Day is now fast approaching! Whether it’s going to be the first year that you’re a Mum on Mother’s Day or not, there’s no denying that it’s such a special day filled with love, thought and little giggles! Whilst flowers and chocolates are a lovely gift, it’s the ones that come from the heart of your little ones that are the most priceless, and something to look back on in years to come and cherish with a smile! So if you’re struggling for ideas on what to get your little one to give to their Mum this year, or just want some fun craft projects to get stuck into during the weekends or the holidays, here are 10 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that any child can make – suitable crafting ideas for all ages!

#1. Draw A Heart

One of the most thoughtful gifts that really is from the heart is the idea of drawing a heart onto a piece of paper and writing all of the things within it that they love and admire about their Mum, or are thankful for. This idea is great for slightly older children, and they can make it as colourful as they want!

#2. Fingerprint Painting

An idea that children of all ages can get involved in, and something that is a bit of messy fun too! Help your child draw an outline of an image on a piece of paper such as a heart of a flower and get them to colour it in with different coloured fingerprints, this makes the piece completely unique to the child, and to their mum!

#3. Holiday Jar

Get your child to remember one of their most recent holidays together with their Mum and get them to fill a jar with a whole host of items that they remember it by. Do they have any pictures? Shells? Sand? etc – you can be as creative as you want!

#4. Hand Print Heart

Even the little ones can get involved with some crafts with supervision from their Dad! Get their little hands and fingers creative with some paint, and have them create a hand print heart with two hands! This would look great done onto white paper and which can then be framed or given as a card.

#5. Flower Corsage

Make Mum her very own flower corsage with these easy step by step tips that you can find here. You can be as creative with the colours of the tissue paper as you want, and they will truly be cherished on her favourite blouse!

#6. Create A Scrapbook

A present that can be added to each year is a scrapbook. Great for older children to get stuck into, get them to create pages of their favourite memories with their Mum with pictures, printed paper, stickers and whatever crafts bits you have to hand!

#7. Descriptive Writing

A present that is not only thoughtful and caring, but an educational task for older children. This Ice Cream craft encourages your child to think of all of the descriptive words that they would use to describe their lovely mum by – an excellent way to get them to learn some fab new vocabulary too!

#8. Hand Print Vases

The best gift ideas from the little ones really is anything that involves hand printing! Grab an old vase or coloured pot and up-cycle it with some pretty ribbon, and get them to stamp their little hand onto it in some contrasting coloured paint. Finish the present off by filling it with some gorgeous flowers!

#9. Mother’s Day Bag

We love this idea for a Mother’s Day bag that can have any theme you want – Breakfast in Bed, Spa Day or a treats bag for example. The child can then find things to fill the bag with that they know is their mums favourite, the breakfast in bed bag could include a napkin, breakfast bar, tea bag and biscuits!

#10. Mother’s Day Newspaper

For a bit of fun that any child can get involved in is this Mother’s Day newspaper free printable. As if it was taken from the front page of a newspaper, this special edition features a blank space which can be drawn on and lots of tick boxes and sentences that are waiting to be completed with  details of your mum!

As you can see, not only are there so many crafty ideas that can be enjoyed by both the child and Mum on Mother’s Day, they don’t break the bank either! These priceless gifts are sure to be treasured for a lifetime! Do you have any other crafty ideas for your little ones? Please do  comment below or let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter!

5 Top Tips To Become A More Organised Parent


A new year is an incredibly reflective time which is full of fresh starts and new beginnings. As a parent, becoming more organised is a constant resolution that we all want to achieve. With school runs, babies, work and social activities it can be hard to plan your time out equally, and make the most of your free time effectively. But however unorganised you are as a parent the best thing is you can make quick and easy changes today that will make a noticeable improvement on your time management, organisation and the ability to get things done in a timely manner! If you do need a helping hand to get 2016 off to a great start, here are 5 tried and tested tips on becoming a more organised parent!

Tip #1. Schedule Everything

Scheduling is the main foundations of anything, it is also the quickest way to manage your time, convey what is happening in the week ahead and plan everything else around that. Whether you use to-do lists, diaries, weekly planners or your phone, having everything down in writing will get your week off to a great start without even doing much. Putting aside 10 minutes at the start of every week is all you need.  We recommend planning weekly meals, both your child’s and your own activities, exercise and even the weekly chores. Having a plan at the start of the week will lead you into the week with a huge weight off your shoulders!

Tip #2. Cook In Bulk

Putting one afternoon aside a week or even once a month for cooking will vastly cut down your time during the week, and avoid those evenings where you don’t know what to cook. Bulk cooking evening meals such as spaghetti, pasta, quiches and many other dishes can all be frozen and put into the freezer, and most importantly called upon when needed.

Tip #3. Create A Household Schedule

From a young age children should be actively involved in household chores to instill a good work ethic into them. Whether it be something simple like cleaning the table or setting the table, these little jobs help them to be proactive, and appreciate what it takes to have a clean house, whilst helping you out at the same time. Drawing up a schedule for the house can be done at the same time as planning your week ahead, and you can even set incentives for your children to take part too!

Tip #4. The School Run

The school run is always a manic time for parents whatever a child’s age, and however many children you may have! Getting everyone out of the house by 8am can be a struggle, especially when you have little ones. You can make your life easier by getting ready the night before. This can include making all of the packed lunches the night before and storing them in the fridge, laying out backpacks and their school clothes, and anything else that your children may need for their day at school. This will half your time getting ready in the morning, and your children will appreciate it too!

Tip #5. Keep Calm

Most of all, remain calm in all situations! Flapping about it only stresses you out and enhances the situation more, it will often add much more time onto the task too. As long as you plan the week ahead, follow the tips above and take some deep breaths, you will lead a stress free and happy life as a parent!

No one ever said parenting would be easy or hassle free, but organisation is the ultimate key to success in any situation, and whatever your age! We can’t help you the whole way, but these top 5 tips will certainly help you get more organised in a short period of time! Do you have any other tips for juggling time as a parent?  Please do  comment below or let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter!

Baby’s First Christmas!


We can barely believe how fast the months have flown past us this year at BabyDam, and most importantly how quickly Christmas day is creeping up onto us! Christmas is a magical time for everyone and is often one of the only days of the year that we can spend time with all of our loved ones without any distractions or interruptions! But a baby’s first Christmas really is the most magical time which is filled with special milestones & bundles of smiles and laughs! Being a new parent for the first year can also be a stressful and hectic time, with so much to do and so little time. So to help you on your way to having a care free and memorable Christmas with your baby, here’s some tips to help you make the first holiday season extra special!

Visit Father Christmas!

Taking your little one to visit Santa at a grotto for the first time is always an experience to remember, there will be lots of first time experiences during their first Christmas and they’ll all be as special as the next! Some little ones can be scared of dressed up figures, so it may be better waiting until their second or third Christmas to do so. Wherever you live you’re bound to find a Santa’s grotto or two, and there’s always plenty of opportunities for photos and personalised decorations and cards which make great keepsakes and presents for your family.

Christmas DIY Decorations 

There are endless opportunities for getting your baby involved in making some adorable DIY deorations which are fun for all involved and will create keepsakes that will last a lifetime. One of our favourite ideas is taking a plain Christmas tree bauble, coating their adorable baby feet in paint and stamping it onto the bauble. This can be done on so many items for that matter, we also love this following idea for creating a reindeer card with their feet. All you need is some paint, water and plenty of towels and you can create some great decorations and presents! It’s just whether you can get those cute feet to stop wriggling for a minute or two!


Christmas Eve Traditions

Creating new Christmas Eve traditions for your baby’s first Christmas is such a lovely sentiment that will seem even more important as the years go by and as they get older. Every  family likes to celebrate Christmas in a different way and you may like to carry on traditions that you had as a child, but here are a few of our favourites that might give you some inspiration!

  • Christmas Eve Box: Create your own box each year to give to your child on Christmas Eve that could contain new pjs, chocolate, a DVD, colouring book etc.
  • Christmas Eve hot chocolate & Christmas movies or stories
  • Baking Christmas food – mince pies, gingerbread men, cookies
  • Leaving out a mince pie and a glass of his Santa’s favourite drink before bed!
  • Go for a walk and look for Santa’s sleigh
  • Go to a Christmas church service

Personalised Gifts

Creating some personalised gifts for their first Christmas provides you with a keepsake that will last a lifetime and will provide you with some of the best memories when you look back at them! Like we mentioned before, you can create your very own DIY decorations or alternatively you can design your own personalised gifts. There are many online sites and shops that offer gifts that can be personalised or engraved, including baby’s first Christmas decoration, Christmas outfits or Christmas keepsake boxes that can be for baby’s first lock of hair etc, there are so many options out there and I’m sure family members & friends will all love to spoil your little one this Christmas anyway!

Christmas Clothing

Stick your baby in some Christmas clothing and it’s hard not to go awww! There are so many choices in the stores year upon year, from Christmas jumpers and Christmas baby grows to full blown Christmas costumes including reindeers &  snowmen! It’s hard not to want to put them in something cute like this to get into the festive spirit!

Christmas Photos

Leading on from Christmas clothing it provides the perfect opportunity for some Christmas photos, whether you want to take the photos yourself or get some professionally done – there are some fabulous ideas on Pinterest for staged photo ideas. This idea below is one we absolutely love, and something that we wouldn’t necessarily think of doing. These photos could then be created into personalised cards, photo canvases and more to give as presents.


However you choose to celebrate baby’s first Christmas it’s sure to be a truly magical and special time for the whole family! From everyone at BabyDam we wish you all a wonderful Christmas & a very happy & healthy new year! Will you be celebrating your baby’s first Christmas? Do you have any other tips for baby’s first Christmas?  Please do  comment below or let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter!