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The BabyDam from a mummy bloggers point of view


We love reading reviews of our BabyDam and what our customers think about the product, whether that’s in an email, a tweet, Facebook message or a blog post. UK mummy blogger Islington Mama wrote a fab review of the BabyDam on her blog. She said that from the outset of using it in her bath they found two main advantages of using the BabyDam,  ‘We use far less water these days; and the bab can grab her toys without them disappearing off to the other end of the bathtub!’. As you can see from the adorable picture, she is still enjoying being in a family sized bath but within a cosy area of it and within reach of her bath toys.
mamaShe praises how easy the BabyDam is to set up, ‘The Dam is easy to install or remove in 3 seconds flat, and so far has been very reliable’. With the summer holidays also fast approaching there is no need to worry about leaving the BabyDam at home, as ‘it lies flat when not in use, so could even be put in the bottom of a suitcase if you really can’t live without it on holiday’. As demonstrated below the BabyDam fits perfectly in the bottom of an overnight bag, it weighs very little and travels easily by train, plane or car!



The Islington Mama thinks that ‘The Baby Dam is such a great concept, and has since been raving about it to all of her friends with littlies’. You can read her full review of the BabyDam here.


Where in the world are you?

wolrd 2As you may know BabyDam was invented in the UK but is sold all around the world, and this is where we want YOU to get involved. We thought that it would be really interesting for all of our current BabyDam users to tell us where in the world you live and use your BabyDam. We have been helping parents all over the world find the solution that they have been looking for, whether it is to help save them money and water, keep their children away from the taps, help their child make the big transition from a baby bath to a family bath and so on. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your reason is for using a BabyDam we want to hear from YOU! Please comment below or email to let us know, we also love seeing customers pictures of their children using the BabyDam and if you have any to share with us we would love to see them!


The NEC Baby Show 2014

During this years NEC Baby Show we previewed the new Green and White BabyDam.

The reception was overwhelming and the new fresh colours proved to be a huge success with sales reaching far beyond our expectations.


We’re Quackers…

Sadly at the NEC Show our new family of BabyDam Ducks were only on display and not available to buy.

So many people were disappointed. However they will be arriving very soon. Its a long swim from India where they are hatched in our factory.

duckpic-lrg ducksrow-lrg

The NEW BabyDam ChangeMat

Also at this years Show we introduced our new BabyDam ChangeMat for the first time.

We sold out of every one and customers all remarked on the quality and texture being so much better than others on the market.
changemat1-lrg changemat2-lrg changemat3-lrg