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How To Store The BabyDam

We’re creatures of habit, right? If there’s anything we just love to do it’s hoard stuff. Just in case you know, you might find a use for said item in 15647 years time. With our homes already full to the brim of stuff, what happens when your baby comes along and you’re trying to find new homes for everything new that any baby needs?

It’s difficult not to have a cluttered home if you’re low on storage space, with items such as baby baths which are bulky and take up a lot of room, you’ll probably find that it just makes itself permanent residence on the bathroom floor instead.

Renown for its money, time and water savings, BabyDam features a cleverer design than you think. With a sleek and flexible body, it means that the BabyDam instantly takes up a third of space that a traditional baby bath would.

BabyDam can be slotted, stuck  or hung. Out of sight, out of mind…

Hang It – The BabyDam USA features handy cut out holes at the top of the product so that it  can easily be hung up to dry and kept out of the way. Simply thread a piece of string through, loop it and hang it on a hook or anything else. It’s as easy as that!

Stick It – The 2 suction cups on the bottom of the BabyDam serve more purpose than just creating that seal and barrier within the bath. Once you’ve finished using it, simply stick the suction cups to the wall in the shower/bathroom. Fuss free bath time ready until next time!

Slot It – With its thin, lightweight body, the BabyDam can easily be slotted underneath a bed, kept in a chest of drawers, and even just laid against the end of the bath tub ready for its next use.

Its slightly flexible shape means that it can be moulded easily without damage. It’s lightweight and flexible enough to even be stored in a suitcase or an overnight bag.

With so many storage possibilities, that’s one less stress to have when you’re getting baby ready for bath time. We’d love to hear where or how you store your BabyDam, comment below or tweet us! It’s the storage solution for baby bath time we’ve all been looking for!

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Different Uses For The BabyDam

Contrary to popular belief the BabyDam serves more than its primary purpose of creating a  personal baby bath for your little one! Even today we are still discovering and hearing about more uses of the BabyDam that have sprung to mind in moments of need, by parents and families all around the world. This leads us onto our next question, is there really anything the BabyDam can’t do?! We think not. We’ve brought together some of our favourite different reasons and uses for the BabyDam that might get you thinking next time you run your little one their bath!

Saves water, time and money

The main one, and quite a biggie for BabyDam is that is saves water, time and money! Why fill an entire bath for someone so little? BabyDam allows you to customise the family bath, fill only as much as you need, hence saving you precious time as a busy parent and money on your water bills. It’s a win, win all round! It even allows you to fill the bath slightly deeper for your little one because of the smaller area you have to fill, which helps to keep the water warmer for longer!

Creating a Baby Bath

That transition from a baby bath to a family bath is by no means an easy feat for little ones. It can be scary, and appears to be so much bigger. BabyDam can help you customise that cosy, small bathing area – with the ability to increase the size of it as your little one gets bigger. No more having to use the sink or a basket to wash your baby in, the BabyDam is here to be with them every step of the way!

Saving Water (literally)

We were truly touched by one BabyDam customer in the USA who had been using the BabyDam to preserve an emergency water supply during Hurricane Harvey. It was ingenious and a quick thinking mum who had this idea and had one less thing to worry about during the storm. BabyDam does offer so many solutions that are still being discovered and utilised in times of need.

DoggyDam & MoggyDam

Despite the primary purpose, BabyDam isn’t just for babies, it can be for your furry friends too! We’ve seen pictures of BabyDam used for both dogs and cats. The same principle still applies, why run such a big bath for such a little thing? We know that baths can be daunting times for pets too, and we’re sure they will appreciate that cosy little area to bathe in too.


Who needs a fancy foot spa when you can invest in the BabyDam? All parents need a little bit of time to kick back, relax and simply rest! Create a small section in the bath, fill with bubbles, aromatherapy oils and enjoy. Adding a glass of wine into the mix is optional…

There are so many different uses for the BabyDam that we are still discovering today! We want to know, what was the main reason that you purchased a BabyDam? We’d love to know! Keep up to date with the latest news and competitions from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!

The BabyDam Family Of Travelling Ducks!

11904671_1120087798019620_5017748211143583279_nIt was little over a year ago when the BabyDam family of ducks arrived on UK shores, and we’ve had a hard case of trying to keep them grounded since then. We think they’re definitely the most well travelled family of ducks in the world…The BabyDam duck family comprises of the Mum & Dad, Dek & Daisy and their two little ducklings Bonny & Bob! Every bath time is a colourful affair with these four, and they make the perfect companions for both bath time and dry play! As the family of ducks become more well travelled by the day, let’s have a look at some of the places that they’ve visited already….10423762_1091390604222673_2039345849488782630_nCiao! The BabyDam ducks love Italy, they queued for hours to get this picture next to the leaning tower of Piza!12799442_1228501567178242_4268038508089198290_nThey waddled across the pond on one of their recent trips to visit the big apple! Can you spot where they are?11539761_1091390594222674_5648577333647646742_nViva Espana! The ducks couldn’t believe the amazing sand art work that they discovered on Cadiz beach!13221562_1288730381155360_3629017680140816727_nEven one of our Spanish distributors Hiperbebe A Coruna got in on the fun and pictured the ducks on the beach in Coruna, doesn’t the weather look beautiful?!12744399_1225793330782399_2973548979591917194_nYou’ll regularly spot the ducks at a nearby airport, ready to jet off on their next adventure! But where will they be heading to next? We want all of our customers and distributors to get involved with the adventures of the BabyDam family of ducks, and we want you to share your pictures of the ducks in your home town, shop, on a holiday or wherever their adventures may take them. We’ll be sharing all of the pictures over on our Facebook page, and we may even give those with the best pictures a prize!

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Why every parent needs a BabyDam

oraAt face value the main selling point for a BabyDam is the amount of water you will save over the years, the savings in water and energy alone means that the BabyDam does pays for itself over and over! Many parents have used BabyDam continually with additional children as they arrive, we’ve experienced customers who have used BabyDam for up to five years with three different children! With providing parents with the solution that they have all been looking for, but there really are many more advantages of the BabyDam  that help make parents life that bit easier! Here are some of the top reasons why every parent needs a BabyDam!

Keeping your child away from those pesky taps – The BabyDam can be positioned at either end of the bath, many children are drawn towards playing with the taps which can be a major danger hazard for all ages. By positioning the BabyDam and blocking off the taps you are already preventing a potential accident, the portion of the bath can then be filled up with a shower head, or jugs of water.

BabyDamMaking the transition to a family sized bath – After a child spends months in a tiny baby bath which they then outgrow, being placed into a family sized bath can cause them to have an  inexplicable fear of getting into the bath. The bath seems huge and scary to what was a cosy and small area to sit in. As mentioned previously, the BabyDam can be placed anywhere in the bath, and which becomes synonymous with babies at bath time once they get used to it. Allowing them to become used to a full sized bath, yet within a smaller cosy area of it. The BabyDam also allows you to increase babies bath size, as they grow accordingly.

BabyDamStopping those toys from floating away – The BabyDam helps to keep all of babies toys in one place, without the fear of them floating off and your baby trying to reach them.  After running our #smileforeaster competition on twitter we discovered that one of the most common reasons for wanting a BabyDam was to stop their childs toys floating away!

SAVING WATER – Last but not least is the main reason that the BabyDam was invented, and the main reason why people purchase a BabyDam. For what is sometimes only 10 minutes of fun for baby at bath time, the BabyDam saves a huge amount of water, by filling up only the area that you need. Having a smaller, more concentrated area not only keeps the bath water warmer for longer but it’s eco friendly and stops waste when so many others don’t have enough. Due to filling a much smaller area of the bath it halves the amount of time you usually spend waiting to fill the bath. It saves, water, energy, time and money! The four things most parents never have enough of – but with the BabyDam we are changing things for the better!

saveWe could list the endless advantages of having a BabyDam, but we might be here all day! BabyDam really is the solution that all parents have been looking for, and we have been helping parents all over the world for a number of years. Join the fun and buy a BabyDam today, and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without one! Existing BabyDam users what are your main reasons for using one? Let us know on our Facebook page and Twitter!

Where in the world are you?

wolrd 2As you may know BabyDam was invented in the UK but is sold all around the world, and this is where we want YOU to get involved. We thought that it would be really interesting for all of our current BabyDam users to tell us where in the world you live and use your BabyDam. We have been helping parents all over the world find the solution that they have been looking for, whether it is to help save them money and water, keep their children away from the taps, help their child make the big transition from a baby bath to a family bath and so on. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your reason is for using a BabyDam we want to hear from YOU! Please comment below or email to let us know, we also love seeing customers pictures of their children using the BabyDam and if you have any to share with us we would love to see them!


We’re Quackers…

Sadly at the NEC Show our new family of BabyDam Ducks were only on display and not available to buy.

So many people were disappointed. However they will be arriving very soon. Its a long swim from India where they are hatched in our factory.

duckpic-lrg ducksrow-lrg