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‘Day Zero’ Looms In Cape Town

Water Crisis Cape Town South Africa BabyDamAs the dreaded ‘Day Zero’ looms in South Africa, it’s understandably left the residents of Cape Town thinking about how they can combat their water consumption even more.

With homes currently restricted to 50 litres a day, if Day Zero was to come into effect, this would be halved to around 25 litres a day.

To give you an idea of this in a real life situation, it takes 9 litres to flush a toilet and the average shower in the UK would use the daily consumption of 50 litres in one go. And THAT is the water crisis that currently faces the lives of many in Cape Town.

There is much speculation about what has caused the biggest drought and water crisis that has faced Cape Town in many years.

Cape Town is currently experiencing the biggest drought in over a century, a reminder that global warming is happening. Alongside bad water management, it’s easy to overlook this issue and remember that many homes, families and people are struggling to wash, keep clean and survive at this moment in need.

It’s 2018 and water shortages are still a thing, and very much happening. Whilst no one can predict what will happen next, we can come together and support each other in finding ways to preserve those precious water supplies.

This is where BabyDam comes in..

BabyDam is not just an invention to turn your family bath into a baby bath. As the impending water crisis rolls on, you can save those precious water supplies by using a BabyDam to preserve your supply.

BabyDam already proved to help families in need after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and a family used BabyDam to preserve their water supplies. It saved them one less stress that they could do without.

Whilst many in Cape Town are currently using a bucket in the shower to collect the water, BabyDam won’t let you waste a drop. It will protect your water supply for as long as you need it. Provide the biggest or smallest space to run a bath, and it will ensure you can still wash and maintain your hygiene levels whether it’s for one person or a family.

It can help make that difference to your daily life whilst times are uncertain. All South Africa customers can purchase it from BabyDam South Africa.

Let’s all work together to help make #EveryDropCount.

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Big Energy Saving Week 2015


It’s Big Energy Saving Week starting on the 26th October 2015, something that BabyDam are big supporters of. This national campaign is about helping people cut down on their fuel bills in any way that they can, and to get all of the financial help that they are entitled to. The week primarily focuses on raising public awareness of switching energy/supplier tariffs to get the very best deals available to you. As well as this, it’s about providing everyone with tips & tricks to save more money & energy and to stay warm this winter. Being a company passionate about saving energy, time & money, this is where BabyDam comes in.

As a parent time, money & water is something that we’re all short of. Time pushed parents will opt for the easiest option available to them at the time without thinking about the potential costs further down the line. But with rising costs in water & energy,  climate change & water shortages we have to do everything we can to save the extra pennies that could be spent on something more worthwhile. BabyDam Bathwater Barrier will save water, save heating, save time and save money – indeed BabyDam will pay for itself over and over again whilst giving years of faithful service. Below are the statistics in money that you will save if you use a BabyDam for an infant & a toddler.



Using the figures above a BabyDam being used once every day for a year would, therefore, save 10,220 litres of water per child and a BabyDam being used for up to two and a half years would save an impressive 25,550 litres of water per child!! Using BabyDam to bath your baby will make a genuine reduction to every parent’s household heating bill and collectively can make a substantial contribution to the nation’s energy saving requirement. You can find out more about saving water with a BabyDam & the saving water initiatives here.

Whatever you choose to pledge this week, think smart, act fast & save, and you’ll notice a difference whether small or big in your bills that will help make life that bit easier for everyone! What are your tips for saving money & fuel? Please do  comment below or let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter!