The BabyDam ChangeMat

The BabyDam ChangeMat has been designed to maximize comfort and practicality whilst changing your baby. The base on which baby lay, is 40 mm thick providing comfort and stability with the specially designed side bolsters offering safety and support.
The thickness and stability of the BabyDam ChangeMat makes it easy to use just on its own and does not require a changing table to be used.

Made from a high density soft cell foam with an easy to keep, wipe clean surface, the very high quality of the foam gives the BabyDam ChangeMat, greater durability and a longer lifespan. Some changing mats will loose their shape and thickness over time, whilst the BabyDam ChangeMat can be used over and over again without compromising its thickness, structure and comfort.


Part of the Family

The BabyDam ChangeMat gives you quality, comfort and support at changing time every time..




Changemat dims

Big enough to cope

The bolsters are 100 mm high and 100 mm wide with a rising curve creating a softer feel to the sides.
The BabyDam ChangeMat is 510 mm wide and 700 mm long, making it compatible to most changing tables.