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10 Best Plants for Your Baby’s Nursery

Reading Time: 8 minutes
10 Best Plants for Your Baby's Nursery

If you love potted plants as much as we do you’re probably thinking about adding one to baby’s nursery. The addition of real plants is one of the easiest ways to add some natural green colour and enhance the nursery decor. Keep reading to discover our selection of the 10 Best Plants for Your Baby’s Nursery.

As well as providing a healthier environment by purifying the air we breathe, the presence of indoor plants has also been shown to have many other beneficial effects for both parents and babies. In fact, some types of plants may even help get your baby to sleep quicker—and what new parent wouldn’t appreciate that? Other benefits may include:

  • Increased positive feelings and reduced feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness.
  • Reduction of sound levels
  • Reduction of stress levels
  • Control of humidity to the within the optimum levels for human health
  • Cooling effect
  • Absorption of carbon dioxide and emission of oxygen refreshing the air

Not forgetting Mum and Dad, the added benefits for the adults in the home can be:

  • Improved concentration levels for home workers leading to improved productivity particularly with those working with computers
  • Faster recovery from mental tiredness
  • Interiors feel spacious, looked after and clean
  • People prefer to occupy rooms that contain plants
  • Improved image – interiors are perceived as “more expensive”

Not all houseplants are safe for infants and toddlers so do your homework before you buy. The first step is selecting a harmless plant to add to the nursery, the next stage is to decide where you are going to put it remembering to keep it well away from inquisitive hands! Don’t forget to find out how large the plant is likey to get. You might not want to own something 60 inches tall!!

With this in mind we have selected what we think are the best and safest air purifying house plants for baby’s nursery (and the easiest to look after for busy parents!) These are popular safe baby nursery plants which mean they will be easy to find in your local garden nursery. They are low maintenance houseplants which will do well in various conditions making them the perfect choice for the baby nursery.

These harmless beautiful plants will elevate the nursery design while keeping it a safe environment for your little one.


1. Boston Fern


The Boston fern is a well known indoor plant which is easy to look after and will look good in any baby nursery. They not only improve the indoor air quality but also increase humidity levels by naturally restoring moisture to the air which gives a soothing effect. The air purifying properties also may help to provide relief to those suffering from dry skin, dry noses and sore throats and the arching green foliage, in particular, has a graceful appearance that lends it a soothing spiritual quality rather than a chaotic one.

Boston ferns are one of the slower houseplants to grow and mature. Even with good care, it can take five years or more for a small potted fern to reach its full potential width of three feet tall and just as wide. This can be a benefit for when you have a small space to fill. It is easy to look after but pace it in indirect sunlight. It may require additional humidity so mist the plant a few times a week.

2. Money Tree


According to Feng Shui this non-toxic plant will bring positivity, good luck and wealth to its owner – who wouldn’t want that for their baby? It is low maintenance and will remove toxins from the air. With its interesting stem and large glossy leaves this amazing plant will look great in a neutral nursery adding a pop of colour, interest and depth. It does well in bright indirect light so pick your spot carefully. In good confirions this plant can grow into a fairly tall indoor tree.

3. Areca Palm


The Areca palm  can be regarded as the perfect plant for the baby’s room. It is a beautiful indoor palm. which will do well in medium-to-bright indirect light but avoid direct sunlight if possible.

It purifies the air, increasing oxygen levels and humidity, which can help with allergies. In Feng Shui it creates positive energy and as an added benefit it is low-maintenance and easy to care for.

4. Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm makes for a great nursery plant

Parlour Palm are one of the best air purifying indoor plants and an excellent choice for a baby nursery. It will fit in with the colour scheme of any baby nursery decor providing indoor greenery.

There are nine stand-out benefits that a parlour palm will be able to add to your home:

  • Filters indoor air
  • Releases oxygen
  • Improved mental health
  • Removes harmful toxins
  • Creates humidity
  • Safe for pets
  • Effective against allergies
  • Added style to your home
  • Low maintenance

5. Spider Plant

Spider Plants are known to bring luck and good health in eastern culture. The plant is a perennial with a high transpiration rate meaning that it absorbs water through its roots and then circulates the moisture through its stems and leaves. When the water reaches the leaves it evaporates into the air increasing the humidity. This increased humidity will reduce the risk of airborne disease such as colds, coughs and sore throats.

Apart from the amazing benefits, the spider plant with its variegated leaves looks very appealing as a houseplant. It can be planted in a hanging basket or any usual pot to add a bit of greenery to the nursery. The spiderettes that outgrow from the mother plant and dangle down the pot enhance the beauty of the plant and make it look even more attractive. A bonus for busy parents it will thrive well even when neglected for days, and overwatered or underwatered. Put it in a sunny spot for best results.

6. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus plants are great in your little ones nursery

The Christmas Cactus Plant is also an easy to care for house plant. It looks beautiful in interior designs. The Christmas cactus releases oxygen throughout the night and helps purify the air as you sleep. Pop one in the nursery and baby will be breathing cleaner air during those restful hours, adding better sleep quality for baby and for you!

7. Prayer Plant

Prayer plant

The prayer plant is non toxic and looks great in a nursery. It gets its name from the way the leaves fold at night and reopen each morning. It will do well in medium to bright natural light requiring minimal additional care

Prayer plants are visually stimulating with gorgeous green oval-shaped leaves covered with vibrant patterns and spots. Each leaf can grow up to 5 inches long. When baby starts to see different colours from about 4 months of age these plants will stimulate their interest.

8. Blue Echeveria

Blue Echeveria plant

This plant is a succulent which means that it stores water in its leaves and stems. The Blue Echeveria is s non poisonous, easy to care for and is really good at purifying the air in the nursery. Unlike most plants succulents continue to produce oxygen through the night. This freshens the air and improves breathing. A perfect plant for window sills!

9. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm is not a palm actually but rather a succulent. It is easy to maintain and will work well in baby rooms. It is completely non toxic and safe for babies and pets. The trunk stores water so it needs minimum care and attention and the plant can survive dry conditions  for days or even weeks without water.

10. English Ivy

English Ivy

English ivy is a classic plant with flat leaves and a great option for the nursery as well as the bathroom. English ivy is not demanding in nature. It will withstand low light conditions very well and you can also trim it to the desired shape to fit wherever you want it to! Use it as a hanging plant in the nursery to remove harmful chemicals found in the air which will improve respiratory health, especially for those people who are suffering from allergies and asthma.

Studies have also found that English ivy can reduce particles of fecal matter and mould. These are the common green and black spots found in the damp corners and pipes in some bathrooms. This can be quite dangerous for people suffering from mould allergies and certainly something that you would want to keep away from your baby! Yuk!


There’s something special when you add a plant to a nursery. it brings the feeling of the healthy green outdoors into your baby’s environment.  There are so many ways to enhance the style of a nursery by adding plants.

It is easy to add plants to a baby nursery to elevate the style of the room and make quite a statement.

Plants bring freshness, beauty, texture and a bolt of color to the space  Whether you have an unused corner, an empty shelf or a window ledge consider bringing in a plant to fill up the space and enhance the style of your baby’s nursery.

Plants encourage learning

Also as children grow and spend time around indoor plants learning to look after them and nurture them, they are provided with a great learning experience which can then reward them with a sense of accomplishment. This can then improve their interest in other topics around them, helping them to focus and learn better at nursery and school and keep their minds proactive, enquiring and energetic.

The plant adds so much colour to this baby nursery. It livens up the pale pastel nursery decor and makes the nursery shine.

In this nursery design the natural theme of the wooden rocking horse and wooden floor are perfectly complemented by the sunny sofa and the green of the plant

The nursery design is so simple and the plant adds a pop of colour and interest to the room.

The mobile colours and the vibrant green of the plant and its pot in this nursery will provide the child with lots of interesting colours to focus on as their senses develop.