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11 Fun Bath Time Activities For Children

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We all know what it’s like during the school holidays when it gets to a stage where you’ve ran out of fun activities for the children to do and resorting to sitting them in front of the TV suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…

We’re sure that all parents can currently relate to this uncertain period of time where the schools are off and we have no idea how much longer lockdown could last for, and how many more days we need to fill with activities.

The good news is, we’re all in this together and after scouring Pinterest, there will almost always be some fun activity that you’ve never tried with your children before.

Here’s our 11 Fun Bath Time Activities For Children

If your little one enjoys bath time, why not start incorporating some fun new activities that will spark creativity, enjoyment and some fun. A little bit of everything we need right now! If you’re scraping the barrel for ideas to keep them occupied, here’s 11 fun bath time activities for children that will while away an evening or two.

These are also fantastic ideas for encouraging little ones at bath time who don’t really enjoy the bath time experience, give it time and you’ll be the one trying to get them out of the bath!

1. Lily Pads & Ducks Game

All you’ll need to create this fun bath time activity is some fun foam and some ducks! Cut the fun foam into a series of different shapes, such as lily pads, hearts, flowers. Then when bath time comes put the shapes into the bath water and your little ones can have a fun game of trying to get the ducks to sit onto each of the shapes. Take a look at our IGTV video where we show you how to easily recreate this for bath time.

2. Ice Cubes & Food Dye

Super easy and fun! Freeze some ice cube trays and put different drops of food colouring into each one. Once they’re frozen, drop them in at bath time and watch the colours slowly melt away into the bath water.

3. Washable Bath Paints

Bath paints that don’t stain? Count us in! To create these you’ll need a tray of some sort to create the colours in. You will need baby shampoo or shower gel, cornstarch, water and food colouring. Check out The Simple Parent for the full recipe on these awesome bath paints.

4. Cut Up Swimming Woggles

Do you have an old swimming woggle/support lying around? Cut the woggle up into small pieces and chuck them into the bath. Not only is this super fun, if you throw in a few different colours they can create many games of stacking up the colours and counting with them. You might have a struggle getting them out of the bath though!

5. Colour Bath Activity

Have a themed colour bath activity. Use a specific coloured bath bomb or a few drops of child friendly food colouring and add in bath toys to match that colour, a simple bit of sensory bath time fun.

6. Lego Bath

A super easy way to add a bit of fun to bath time. A little bit of a chore to dry off and clean up afterwards, but it will keep them occupied for hours if you let them! Simply fill the bath up and drop their lego pieces into the bath ready for play time.

7. Glow Sticks

For those that are a little bit older, there is nothing cooler for them than a glow stick bath! Dim the lights, chuck the glow sticks into the bath water and watch them marvel at the glow sticks, we present to you disco baths!

8. Kitchen Cupboards

Isn’t it always the boring stuff that children find the most fun? Set up a little cooking station in the bath by filling it with sieves, tins, empty bottles and jugs (plastic items will work best!), it will make bath time fun and exciting and we guarantee they’ll ask for it again!

9. Bubble Wrap It

Get some bubble wrap and tape it down to the bottom surface of the bath before filling the bath. This provides a textured, sensory experience and they’ll have so much fun trying to pop the bubble wrap with their little fingers and toes.

10. Farmyard Experience

Setup a farmyard with their animals at bath time, make it an activity that all of the animals need to be cleaned. Let your little ones lather them up with soap or baby shampoo and scrub them clean with old paint brushes!

11. Water Balloons

We warn you this might be a bit of a wet one and better to do outdoors…Fill up some water balloons that can be played with during bath time or chucked against the bath wall before bath time for a little bit of playful fun!

We hope your little ones will love trying out these bath time activities! Keep up to date with the latest news from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!