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9 of Our Fave Mummy Bloggers

Reading Time: 4 minutes

After the success of sharing our fave mum instagram accounts with you, we thought we’d share 9 of our fave mummy bloggers. Even as the world continues to shift towards video, they’ll always be a place for flowing words of inspiration, advice and real life experiences. When we have a few moments to spare we find ourselves always being drawn back to the same bloggers that we feel we have connected with on social media.

There is something so comforting and nice as a parent when you realise that everyone is in the same boat, has been through similar experiences as yourself and that there really is no right or wrong way to do parenting. Whilst a lot can be said about social media and the impact it can have on our mental health, we should also celebrate the occasions where it helps us to not feel alone. The internet is full of fake news as it is that there is nothing nicer than stealing a few minute when your little one is napping, grabbing a cup of tea and escaping into the comfort of someone else words.

Have a few minutes to spare? Here’s 9 of our fave mummy bloggers that the BabyDam team love catching up on.

1.Hannah Gale

It’s no lie that Hannah Gale has been our ultimate girl crush for as long as we can remember. We’ve read Hannah’s blog since the pre baby days and we love how her blog has evolved and is now a cosy resource of her parenting journey, interspersed with her fashion, homewares and skincare favourites. We could spend all day delving into her old posts and they’re always just SO relatable.

2. Stoves In Coves

This is a blog we’ve only recently stumbled across and we’ve fallen in love with. Based in Cornwall herself, we find it so interesting seeing what she’s been up to in Cornwall and she’s only recently had her first baby so we’re super excited to follow her parenting journey. If you’re interested in Cornwall, wellness and food and drink then she is the lady for you, and did we mention she has the cutest dog ever?!

3. Milly Naomi 

Milly Naomi has been in the blogging sphere for as long as we can remember and we’ve been there from when she got married to having 2 of the cutest children. Her blog is a cosy haven of travel, baby, lifestyle, beauty and parenting tips. It’s like falling into the pages of your favourite glossy magazine and her photography is absolutely beautiful.

4. Liza Prideaux

Oh Liza! If it’s not her Instagram we’re obsessed with it’s her blog. Her home, children and life are what dreams are made of, and we’re excited to see the arrival of her new baby boy! For even more content from Liza make sure you check out her Youtube channel for VLOG’s, lifestyle and the odd bit of beauty.

5. Thrifty Yorkshire Mum

Thrifty Yorkshire Mum is our go to resource for fab money saving tips which becomes ever increasingly important when you’re a parent and suddenly find yourself having to support a tiny human as well. She’s also recently written a fabulous review on the BabyDam and how it’s helping with bath time now there are 2 other children in the picture. As chaos at bath time descends, her little one can now have a splash, peace free bath time without having to wait ages for the whole bath to fill.

6. Morgan Alice

From moving house, to the cutest little bubba Alice and the dreamiest Jo Malone collection, Morgan has such a beautiful blog to follow. We can’t wait to follow her updates on their new home that they’ve just moved into. On a side note, can we just have your life please?!

7. Gemma Louise

Not only we do absolutely adore her little Reuben, we have serious envy over her perfectly written blogs and photography. She is absolutely girl boss goals and runs a very successful blog alongside looking after Reuben. Her beauty and lifestyle posts give us so much food for thought and we find it a constant pool of inspiration. If you want to hear about the latest beauty releases and what Gemma has been up to then you’ll want to check out her blog.

8. This Mama Life

Pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle, Sarah is a working mum to 2 under 5 and is a military wife, we hold our hat off to Sarah as she is the ultimate super mum who steps up to be both Mum & Dad when her partner is away for often months at a time for work. She is such an inspiration and a lovely lady. Her blog is a perfect mix of lifestyle, interiors and product reviews.

9. Manchester Triplets

Ever wondered what life as a triplet mama is like? Nicola is your girl! Isn’t it fantastic that we can now easily read about other peoples experiences who may be in the same position as us. We can’t imaging how challenging life with triplets can be, but also how wonderful it can be. Prepare yourself for lots of gorgeous pictures of the bubbas and lifestyle posts.

Can you spot any of your favourites? Keep up to date with the latest news from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!