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Do You Live In The UK & Need To Save Money On Your Water Bills?

BabyDam have been actively working alongside water utility companies throughout the UK to engage with the public in increasing water efficiency, in order for them to introduce innovative water saving devices, such as BabyDam, directly to the water consumer.

In these days of climate control, water shortages and rising energy costs, BabyDam is a product for tomorrow, available today. It is currently being distributed to water consumers through free home visits and water saving trials by Anglian Water and Southern Water.

If you fall into the water catchment area for either of the above water suppliers, have a water meter and a baby, simply head to the saving water page on their website and sign up for a free water saving visit from one of their team. During the visits the engineer will talk to you about your water usage and fit a variety of free water saving devices to help you cut down on your water usage.

If you don’t fall into either of the above catchment areas but think that you could greatly benefit in cutting down on your water bills, then please do get in touch directly with your water supplier to display your interest in using BabyDam to cut down on your water usage.

If you’re not familiar with the BabyDam Bathwater Barrier, then you might be wondering how can it save money on your water bills?

Why fill the whole bath for a baby when half or less will do? You can save up to 56 litres of water per bath when fitted at the halfway point of a standard sized bath and filled up to the max mark. Over a 365 day period, this represents a whopping 20,440 litres of water saved by using a BabyDam daily. With the water savings aside, you’ll also save energy and money on not having to heat as much water.

If only 5% of the UK baby population was to use a BabyDam during bath time every day for a year, then it would save the UK over 375 million litres of water per year. We need to start seeing more water saving innovation throughout the UK in order to preserve precious resources for future generations.

Do get in touch with us directly if you would like further information on these water saving schemes or if you’re a water supplier who is looking to add BabyDam to your range of water saving devices for the home.

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