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5 Celebrity Mums To Watch

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Our favourite celebrity mums

With the rise of influencers and the popularity of Instagram at an all time high, it has never been so easy to find your favourite celebrity mums and follow a handful of people you don’t know for inspiration and practically live your lives through the eyes of your total idol.

Whilst there is a lot to be said for what we can consume on a daily basis through social media and how it affects our overall mental health, when you’re a new parent, there is something very nice about being able to seek advice from a real parent, learn tips from other parents and to see celebrity mums going through the same things that you’ve been through. All of it normalises parenting and the struggles that we all face.

Whether you already follow them or are looking for some new celebrity mum’s for inspiration, you’re going to want to follow these 5 celeb Mum’s that we are obsessed with!

1.Stacey Solomon

Stacey’s family have recently welcomed a new arrival to the family and we have been living for her real, honest and relatable Instagram posts. Stacey is not afraid to share the personal, and hard times on her feed, there is no Instagram vs reality here, it’s just reality, and we love her for it.

Since little Rex has arrived she has shared the moments of isolation, coming to terms to leaving the house for the first time with a newborn and all of Rex’s ‘firsts’ including their first family holiday together. They are such a wholesome little family and we enjoy how supportive her online community is, women encouraging women is a beautiful thing!

Stacey Solomon and family

2. Ferne Mccann

Ferne has to be one of our fave girl bosses/ Mum bosses that we know. Taking everything under her wing as a strong and independent single Mum, we have loved seeing her blossom throughout Instagram and her appearance on First Time Mum!

It always puts a smile on our face when we see a picture pop up of Sunday, she is the sweetest little one ever! Whilst being a mum is a huge part of her life, she isn’t just known as a Mum and her Instagram feed is such a great mix of her personal life, her business and Sunday. Keep doing you Ferne!

Ferne Mccann - celebrity mum

3. Sam & Billie Faeirs

We’ve seen Sam & Billie blossom from beautiful party girls on TOWIE to the most amazing Mum’s on the Mummy Diaries and we already can’t wait for the new series to return to ITV in September! Sam & Billie remain the most grounded, down to earth celebrity Mum’s we know of. They provide us with envy in the nicest form, their little family setup is inspiring, beautiful and lovely to watch.

We hold our hat off to these two lovely sisters as it is hard enough with a couple of little ones in tow without a camera crew following you around everyday too!

Sam & Billie Faeirs - grounded celeb mums

4. Mrs Hinch

Sophie Hinchcliffe took the world by storm last year, the nations homes have never been cleaner and she’s recently welcomed the arrival of baby Hinch, Ronnie and our hearts are melting. She’s taking a little step back from Instagram whilst she finds her parenting feet but we still have all of her Instagram story highlights to take a look at when we need a little dose of Mrs Hinch!

We can’t wait to see more of her parenting journey as it unfolds, and we couldn’t think of a nicer person on Instagram!

Mrs Hinch - celeb mum to follow

5. Amy Childs

Another celebrity that we have loved following since the TOWIE days, don’t you think they should do a TOWIE all grown up series? Because we would definitely watch that! When she isn’t running her business or posting beautiful photos on her account, she is sharing parenting tips and tricks on her latest account The Mummy Ways because she wants to help new mums.

She has recently revealed that she is set to become a private midwife which we think is amazing, Amy is so passionate about her family and helping new parents and we can’t wait to see her start this new chapter.

TOWIE celebrity mum Amy Childs

Who are your favourite Celebrity Mums to follow?

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