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5 Water Saving Tips For The Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes

ways to save water

In these days of climate change, water shortages and rising energy costs, most of us are actively looking at ways to save water and energy around the house. Little things that can easily be incorporated in our everyday lives, but will help to save the pennies in the long run.

The good news is there are so many ways to help save water in the home these days from switching to a water meter to turning the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth.

Here are 5 of BabyDam’s top water saving tips for the home that will have your energy costs decreasing in no time!

1.Invest In A BabyDam

By using a BabyDam bathwater barrier during your baby’s bathtime, this will save you water, heating, time and money. We have known parents who have used the BabyDam for years, with up to 3 different children, it will certainly pay for itself over and over again whilst giving you a faithful service.

To give you an idea of the savings that you could benefit from, the smallest standard family bath requires 56 litres of water to create a useable depth in which to have a baby. If the BabyDam was used in this type of bath fitted at approximately halfway, this would save in this instance, 28 litres of water per bath. Obviously, BabyDam can be placed at any point in the bath to create your own customised bathing space for baby.

During the current water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, people are using the BabyDam to preserve their water supplies so that their baby can still have a bath each day and to collect the water they use more efficiently than a bucket placed in the bath would.

Take a look at our Saving Water page to find out more about how the BabyDam can help you save those precious resources.

2.Not Over Filling the Kettle

Guilty! You should only boil the kettle with the amount of water you need. By not overfilling the kettle you can cut the energy that you use by a third. According to statistics, only boiling the amount of water you need in kettles could save the UK a whopping £1 million in a week!

Never sure what line to fill it to? Just fill your cups up and pour the exact amount into the kettle, the perfect solution for one cup to 5 cups! An easily achievable step to helping you save a considerable amount of water each year.

3.Shower Less or For Shorter Periods of Time

Why not shower every other day or if you belong to a gym utilise their facilities. If you can’t quite kick your shower habit just yet, try showering for shorter periods of time. Have you ever timed yourself at how long it takes you to shower? You’d be surprised!

A 10 minute shower with a standard shower head can use a whopping 80 gallons of water. By taking a 5 minute shower you can reduce your water usage by 70-80% saving gallons of water every year. Give it a try!

4.Turn Off The Tap Brushing Your Teeth AND Hands

Once you break the habit of leaving the water to run whilst carrying out your daily routines, it will be a green habit that you’ve made for a lifetime.

Leave the tap off until you’re ready to rinse your brush and mouth, water comes out of the tap at 2.5 gallons per minute, so the savings really are notable.

Turning water off whilst you’re washing your hands is NOT so common, but as you apply soap to your hands think of the water that is being wasted when your hands are not even being washed. So start saving gallons of water and don’t turn the taps back on until your hands are ready to be rinsed.

5.Install A Water Butt

In the UK we are lucky (or not so lucky) that we receive a lot of rainfall each year. Use mother nature to your advantage and install a water butt to collect those precious water supplies. They can then be reused for washing the car, watering your plants and even for use in a sprinkler. Once you have invested in a water butt it doesn’t cost you a penny, but it will certainly help you save on your water bill.

So, there we have it! 5 easy water saving tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily life at home! Do you have any other water saving tips? Keep up to date with our latest news over on our on our Facebook page or Twitter!