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7 Ideas For Baby Bath Time Play

Reading Time: 3 minutes

We can guarantee that when it comes to baby bath time, your baby either absolutely loves it or they need a little bit of persuasion every time bath time comes around…

Whether they love it or hate it, you want to make bath time as fun as possible for your little one to make it an experience that they look forward to at the end of everyday and which provides a lovely bonding time for you and your baby.

From scouting the pins on Pinterest to our own experiences, these 7 ideas for baby bath time play will bring some fun and excitement into every splish splash there is!

1. Milk Bath

Milk baths have taken the Instagram and Pinterest world by storm, providing a super ‘Instagrammable’ shot that is fun for kids too, even pregnant mamas are getting in on the action for pregnancy photo shoots. There are a number of ways that you can create a milk bath for your little one (or yourself!), here’s what you’ll need:

-Whole milk or powdered milk

-synthetic flowers

-Food colouring (if necessary)

It’s really that easy to create your own milk bath, you can be creative as you want, stick with a colour scheme and create a board on Pinterest dedicated to milk baths for plenty of inspiration.

2. Light It Up

Light up your little ones bath time experience with glow sticks. Light them up and put them into the bath water, it’s simple fun for children whatever their age, just remember to always keep an eye on them whilst they’re in the bath with them.

3. Lego bath

Legoooooo. Bring the building blocks to bath time and it will keep them occupied for ages! A simple way to spice up bath time.

4. Bath Paints

Invest in a set of washable bath paints that don’t stain, your little one will have so much fun drawing to their hearts content in the bath and if they share the bath with a sibling they could even create games together on the bath wall when they’re older such as noughts and crosses. There are so many options! If you’re feeling crafty you could even have a go at making your own bath paints.

5. Colour bath

Add an extra dimension to bath time with a splash of colour, literally! Clear bath water is boring anyway, right?! Children will be mesmerised by the different colours and it’s incredibly easy and safe to do by adding in some food colouring and even some essential oils. There are also plenty of bath bombs on the market and coloured droppers that you can use for children’s bath time. Be creative and experiment!

6. Bubbles

Blankets of bubbles always makes for a lovely bath time experience whether you’re a child or not! It’s cheap to do, easy and so much fun! You could even run a coloured bath and throw in some bubbles too.

7. Water Balloons

There’s no denying that water balloons are plenty of fun whatever your age on dry land, but have you ever thought about using them in a bath? It’s a great sensory play activity for children and they’ll have so much fun trying to pick them up in the bath water, they’ll be giggles and laughter in no time!

What’s your favourite way to keep your little ones entertained at bath time? Keep up to date with the latest news and competitions from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!