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7 Water Saving Devices For The Home

Reading Time: 5 minutes
7 water saving devices for the home

In the UK we’ll always remember 2018 as the year that our summer lasted more than 3 days. With consecutive weeks of heat and temperatures in the high twenties, it came as no surprise that on the weekend utility companies released warnings about water consumption. Northern Ireland have become the first to enforce a hosepipe ban. 

2023 has been no different with water usage limited once again by many of the UK water companies limiting water usage and trying to educate us all in new ways to make us “water efficient”.  Some are offering free or discounted water saving products to help.

As the heat has been rising, Brits have been upping their water consumption to keep themselves cool, their gardens watered and their paddling pools topped up. 

But where does it stop? As a nation we aren’t the most water mindful, and if we aren’t careful we’ll be heading in the same direction as the Cape Town water crisis.

As all the talk is currently about water saving in the home and being mindful of your consumption, there isn’t a better time to share 7 water saving devices in the home that once installed will automate saving water for you.  

Our 7 water saving tips

1. Water Pebble – £8.99

water pebble

You might be surprised how much time you are spending in the shower, we talk about timing ourselves and cutting it down, but do we? Wasting water in the shower is literally watching your money go down the drain. Water pebble is a genius little device that you place by your plughole and which monitors your consumption as you go.

When your time is up and it’s time to switch off the shower, the water pebble will alert you via its traffic light system. Green = start, Amber = halfway, Red = time to stop. No mobile timer needed, you can save up to a third of water per shower.

2. Water Butt

A water butt is a great money saving device

A water butt is one of the most common and easiest devices to install in your home. Set it up in your garden and it’s ready to start collecting rain water. It is the easiest way to be more economical and eco friendly, the collected water is perfect for watering your plants in your garden. It’s not much good during a heatwave, but being the UK, we’re never short of rain!

3. Hippo The Water Saver

Hippo is a simple water saving device to help you save water in toilet cisterns. Once in place, it can save up to 3 litres of water PER flush. Over time this has a considerable affect on your water consumption, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and saving your household money.

4. Pure Pulse Shower Head – £25.99

On average, households use 140 litres of water per day, with 40% which represents water used in the bathroom. There is no surprise that baths and showers eat the most water. The pulse eco shower head uses a whopping 40% to 60% less water as the water pulses under pressure rater than flowing constantly. There is also an eco version of this shower head that provides a stronger shower.

5. Samsung Ecobubble

The Samsung Ecobubble saves water during laundry time as it generates the bubbles of water and detergent before washing so it uses up to 7.5kg less water per wash. On these particular Samsung washing machines the ecobubble technology means that washing your clothes in cool water is just as effective, thus using less water and energy.  It’s a win win all round!

6. Water Wizz

Upon researching water saving devices, the Water Wizz product popped up on a South African news website and it could be the game changer for saving water in the home. A simple way to cut your consumption down in seconds, with no laborious installation required, simply pop the disc onto the end of your tap in your kitchen. It doesn’t affect the water pressure, but it will reduce your consumption by 9 litres per minute, wow!

7.BabyDam Bathwater Barrier – £38.99

BabyDam obviously tops our charts for water saving devices for the home, helping the smaller ones in your family to save water and keep clean during water shortages. Utility companies have been advising their customers to stop taking baths and to have shorter showers instead. But every parent who is on a water meter or not should be looking at ways they can mindfully cut consumption for bathing such a small person, whilst saving money and time too.

So here’s a few figures for you;

You can save up to 28 litres of water per bath when using BabyDam in a standard sized bath. That’s 10,220 litres per year! 


808,000 births take place on average each year. BabyDam could potentially save 8 BILLION litres across the UK each year! This is enough to fill 3,250 Olympic sized swimming pools. As a nation we can collectively save billions of water by just using a BabyDam. Needless to say the savings in water pay for the BabyDam over and over again!

Saving money is essential in todays world

Hopefully you’ve found these items useful. Let’s start actively thinking about our water consumption in our homes and how we can start saving one of our most precious resources; water.  

These smart water saving gadgets will automate the process for you, you can then sit back and watch those water bills and water footprint decrease!

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