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BabyDam is coming to the USA!

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babydam USAIf you hadn’t already heard, YES the BabyDam is finally coming to the USA! Due to be arriving late August/September we are already very much anticipating the arrival, and we cant wait for everyone to get a chance at using a BabyDam to save on water bills, energy, time and money! We have been inundated with emails, tweets and facebook messages from people all over the USA and Canada since the very beginning of BabyDam’s existence! It is something that has been in the working for a long time to ensure that we place the BabyDam with a suitable distributor, and to redesign the original BabyDam so that it fits into US tubs (they are slightly larger than standard EU tubs)! So for everyone who is awaiting the arrival, here is everything that you need to know:

When will it be arriving?

BabyDam is due to arrive late August/September 2016. However, if you are interested in the arrival of the BabyDam you can register your interest here so that you can keep up with any updates on the release date.

Will Canada be getting the BabyDam too?

YES! The BabyDam will be available for purchase in the USA and Canada.

Who is going to be the USA distributor?

BabyDam is going to be distributed in the USA by Tyke and Co. a distributor of fine baby & children’s products in the U.S. and Canada since 1999. We are so excited to be a part of their growing empire, and among some other fantastic well known baby brands!

How else can we keep in touch with BabyDam developments?

We have a dedicated Facebook page for BabyDam USA which will again keep you all updated with any developments on the release date of the BabyDam, as well as lots of fantastic pictures of the BabyDam in action! If you do have any other further questions about the arrival of the BabyDam you can also contact us via email on the following:

2016 is an incredibly exciting time for BabyDam whilst we spread the water saving benefits globally! We would like to say a big thank you for everyone’s patience in waiting for the BabyDam to become available in the USA and Canada, and we promise that it will have been worth the wait!

Are you excited for the BabyDam’s arrival in the USA/Canada? Do let us know over on our Facebook page or Twitter, and don’t forget to register your interest here!