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November 2020.- Welcome Back!

Hey everyone!

My name’s Jodie and I’ve taken over the blog here at BabyDam. I’m 27 years old and just had my very first baby in the height of lockdown 2020!!

I’m here to share my version of life with a newborn throughout very strange times and to talk about the “new new” ways of life. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and I will endeavour to answer them as best I can!

In early March 2020 I had my baby girl, Edie Grace. Instagram – @lifewith_edie_x, you can also follow more of Edie’s new venture at @babydam.

It was a bit of a traumatic induction, which then lead to an emergency C-section. However, a bit of hypnobirthing and gas & air and I was well away! (I won’t bore you with the ins and outs).

So there she was – all 7lb 3oz of her.. a little furry and an already slightly chubby face! She was perfect! (That’s what every new set of parents think right?) Cut a long story even shorter than what I’ve made it, we ended up spending a week in hospital as Edie wasn’t very well. And when we were finally allowed home, TADAA here we have coronavirus!! It was the first I had heard of it; I didn’t hear a word of it in hospital, yet the next thing I knew, my partner was back from his 4th day at work post paternity leave and we were going into lockdown!!! I’ve never known anything like it! The whole country stopped!!

Admittedly, I shed a few tears. No visitors for the newborn stage (which is over FAR too quickly). No mummy & baby groups, no baby swimming… and so the list goes on. However, having my partner at home for the next 5 months was more than okay, and I will forever be grateful for the time we got to spend together during lockdown. We adapted to life very quickly as the three of us and the dog!

We soon got into a stable routine and before I knew it, my other half was off back to work! I can’t even explain the anxieties I had with him going back!! “Will I be good enough?” “How am I going to look after Edie all day, every day?” “I cannot do this”.. and I didn’t want to do it on my own either. But his first few days were shorter than normal as he worked in a small village gym which wasn’t fully up and running at that point, which gave me time to adapt and ease into things.

Different places slowly started reopening, like soft play, and we started our first baby sensory group (which Edie absolutely loves)! We are living a new way of life, with masks galore and hand-washing until they are raw!

As a family, we started seeing more people and going out a little more, albeit being very careful. At this point, I decided to make Edie an Instagram so I could spam as many photos of her as I liked! This was when we were gifted oodles of goodies from BabyDam, and the way we did breakfast, lunch, tea, bath time and nappy changes changed for the better.

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Jodie xxx

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