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Edie’s First Christmas!!

Welcome to December – A month of a lot of worries for quite a few families. I have seen a fair few of my friends have already got their decorations up and are in full swing of Christmas! I am one of those 12 days before and 12 days after type of people but maybe as Edie gets a bit older and gets more excited about Christmas she will encourage me to get them up earlier. I totally understand why people have them up this early and especially this year with all the doom and gloom.

I know top of our list of worries at home has been money and what to buy for people when on a budget. Luckily with Edie being so young I don’t think she will really remember what we got her for her first Christmas. So we had a look around and ended up buying a second hand smart trike, it was in immaculate condition. I cleaned it up and washed all the fabrics and you would honestly never know it was pre-loved! (We are going to give it to her built on Christmas day so a box isn’t really necessary. Although I know a lot of my friends have told me that she would be super interested in the box rather than the gift!!)

The trike for us is a really good present and will last her up until she is around 3 and a half years old. We spend most of our weekends watching Dylan play football so for Edie having a trike to watch Daddy play gives her a little sense of freedom, especially as she gets older.

Buying something second hand its freed us up some money to buy her some other little bits, that we wouldn’t have been able to before. There’s nothing wrong with having a budget and sticking to it, but there are ways around things to free up a little more money. In the long run children will come to understand lockdown as a part of history, and when they are older they will look back and think that although our families may have struggled, they still managed to provide for us in one way or another.

One of our minor worries of course this year, is what our routine will be on Christmas day? Thankfully at least we now know that we have 5 days to spend with our loved ones.

I had mentioned to Dylan that if we can’t spend the day with both sides of the family then we are going to have to Skype or FaceTime them so as they all feel like they have spent part of the day with Edie. We had also thought about making up a family quiz so as we can have a little fun and bring some laughter to what will be quite a strange Christmas for many.

Christmas in my family has always been a massive occasion.  I don’t think we have ever had a quiet Christmas. When I was younger my parents ran their own milk round business, so obviously Christmas Eve was quite possibly one of the busiest days of the year… However, on Christmas Eve in 1992 I decided to make an appearance!! Obviously a day late as I always normally am! Dad of course was out delivering what he could being self-employed and missed the birth!!! The midwifes all joked with Mum and asked if ‘she is the milkman’s… Well funnily enough, YES I AM!!


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Happy Christmas everyone!


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