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How To Child Proof Your Bathroom

Reading Time: 2 minutes

how to child proof your bathroom

Your baby has finally got to that age where they’ve started to crawl, and with an abundance of energy and curiosity, their little hands will touch and feel anything that they can get to, creating an element of danger to your child if your bathroom hasn’t been child proofed.

Just like any room in the house, a bathroom can provide hazards to no end, with plug sockets, unattended medication, wet fingers, taps, drawers, you get the picture.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help you child proof your bathroom to give you that bit of extra peace and mind when your little one starts crawling around.

Block Access To The Bathroom

Remove the hazard completely by putting a child safety lock or gate onto the bathroom so your little one can’t crawl or wander into the bathroom unattended. This is especially beneficial if you have a downstairs bathroom or toilet, as ensuring the door is shut at all times is easier said than done if you have a busy household!

Keep Your Floor Clean & Products Out Of Reach

Always keep medication and toiletries off the floor and well out of reach from your child. These should be kept in a high cabinet if possible with a child resistant lock on it. Anything that little hands can get to and consume provide the biggest bathroom hazard, but it’s also the easiest you can avoid with a couple of simple measures.

Child Proof Plugs & Remove Appliances

If you have any plugs in your bathroom ensure that these are filled with a plug stopper at all times and if you’ve been using heat appliances or shavers, make sure they’re unplugged and stored away or well out of reach whilst they cool down.

Keep Your Toilet Lid Down

Where there’s an object, there’s curiosity. Keep the toilet lid shut at all times, if it was suddenly knocked and it’s not a soft close seat it could really hurt a small child.

The toilet also provides a breeding ground for bacteria and as small children are top heavy, if the baby was to lean over they could easily fall in.

As well as ensuring it is kept shut at all times, you can even purchase a toilet lock so the lid cannot be lifted by the child.

Never Leave Your Child Attended

It goes without saying that your child should never be left unattended when they’re in the bath. A child can drown in the smallest amount of water and it can happen in just turning your back for a second.

Keep them away from the taps and in a consistent bath temperature that isn’t too hot or cold, always be on hand to support or help with them if they need it.

Happy baby bathtimes are only around the corner. Child proofing your bathroom doesn’t need to take a lot of time, but it will provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance that every parent and child needs!

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