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Creating A Nappy Changing Station

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Congrats! You’re having a baby. Or perhaps you’ve already got a little one and as you’re learning with them each day you now realise you need to create a nappy changing station for easier changing on your back, or for a better aesthetic in the nursery. There’s also a lot to be said as a parent for having everything you need within reach, this particularly comes in handy when you’ve got a nappy from hell to change and there’s no one around to help out!

There’s no denying that creating the perfect nappy changing station is actually a lovely project to get stuck into and it does mean that you can happily pin to your hearts content, we’re totally enabling that 10 minutes of quiet time on the sofa with a cuppa and some pinning!

We recognise that a nappy changing station is not for everyone and you want to be able to utilise the space you have in your home in the best way possible. We’ve come across plenty of dreamy inspiration on Pinterest, so here are our top tips to help you create your very own nappy changing station that will look great, doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and will most importantly, maximise the storage for all those nappies and little extras.

The Nappy Station Base

The idea of a nappy changing station is a base that’s always there when you need it, it contains everything you need and most importantly it’s off the floor. The obvious advantage to this as a new mum is not having to bend over, OK, that’s a massive plus.

The furniture aspect to help you create the station will probably be the most expensive purchase, but only if you make it. Second hand furniture is just as good and lends itself perfectly for being upcycled into something new. Perhaps you already have something that you could use in the interim?

In terms of furniture you can go for a standard changing table base, the good thing about these is they lend themselves to storage options focused around changing a baby. However, if you want something that will have a bit more longevity in it i.e you’ll still be able to use it when they’re not a baby, then a chest of drawers or a stand alone unit are perfect for popping a changing mat on top. Just ensure with any of the furniture that it’s drilled and secured at the wall so a little one can’t accidentally topple it over.

Or if you are short on space a cot top changer is fab idea as it doesn’t eat up any room in the nursery and it still enables you to change baby in a standing position.

Changing Mat

It goes without saying that no nappy changing station is complete without the star of the show and you’re going to want to get a cosy, aesthetically pleasing changing mat because it’s probably going to become one of your most used baby items!

We’re obviously biased when it comes to our changing mats, but we truly believe that they are among the best on the market. Our Original ChangeMat is perfect for newborn + and is double the thickness of a traditional mat, providing comfort, stability and support to the baby. The high anti roll sides also help to contain a wriggly baby, whilst they provide more protection from rolling than a standard mat, you should never leave baby unattended, particularly when the mat is suspended on a chest of drawers or changing table.

Our newest arrival, SuperSnug Changing Mat is a perfect mat for younger babies, featuring a unique design in 3 soft, pastel colours they’re perfect for the nursery trends of today. Featuring a gentle slope, this aids the symptoms associated with acid reflux in baby and the high anti roll sides help to provide support when being changed. They’re stocked by Cumbria NHS and many nurseries across the UK and they’re becoming a firm favourite in households due to their impressive structure.


With a baby comes a lot of essentials and extras and you’re going to want a decent amount of storage available to you so you can have everything to hand when you need it most. When selecting your changing table or dresser it’s a good idea to have this in mind. A lot of changing tables have built in shelving with the option to add baskets or drawers that slot onto the top that you can store nappies, wipes, towels etc. If you have limited options for storage on the changing table then have a look at wall pockets, as these can easily be attached over the side of the unit ready for things to be stored. They’re cost effective, don’t look unsightly and they solve that storage conundrum instantly.

If you have a larger unit you could even add wicker baskets filled with toys, blankets etc for decoration purposes.

Added Extras

Your Pinterest worthy nappy changing station won’t want to be complete without the little extras that you don’t need, but make a big difference for how they look and for your baby. Think lighting, a cute baby mobile and you’ll definitely want to add a discrete bin to the changing station if possible.

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