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Different Uses For The BabyDam

Reading Time: 2 minutes

different uses for babydam bathwater barrierContrary to popular belief the BabyDam serves more than its primary purpose of creating a  personal baby bath for your little one! Even today we are still discovering and hearing about more uses of the BabyDam that have sprung to mind in moments of need, by parents and families all around the world. This leads us onto our next question, is there really anything the BabyDam can’t do?! We think not. We’ve brought together some of our favourite different reasons and uses for the BabyDam that might get you thinking next time you run your little one their bath!

Saves water, time and money

The main one, and quite a biggie for BabyDam is that is saves water, time and money! Why fill an entire bath for someone so little? BabyDam allows you to customise the family bath, fill only as much as you need, hence saving you precious time as a busy parent and money on your water bills. It’s a win, win all round! It even allows you to fill the bath slightly deeper for your little one because of the smaller area you have to fill, which helps to keep the water warmer for longer!

Creating a Baby Bath

That transition from a baby bath to a family bath is by no means an easy feat for little ones. It can be scary, and appears to be so much bigger. BabyDam can help you customise that cosy, small bathing area – with the ability to increase the size of it as your little one gets bigger. No more having to use the sink or a basket to wash your baby in, the BabyDam is here to be with them every step of the way!

Saving Water (literally)

We were truly touched by one BabyDam customer in the USA who had been using the BabyDam to preserve an emergency water supply during Hurricane Harvey. It was ingenious and a quick thinking mum who had this idea and had one less thing to worry about during the storm. BabyDam does offer so many solutions that are still being discovered and utilised in times of need.

DoggyDam & MoggyDam

Despite the primary purpose, BabyDam isn’t just for babies, it can be for your furry friends too! We’ve seen pictures of BabyDam used for both dogs and cats. The same principle still applies, why run such a big bath for such a little thing? We know that baths can be daunting times for pets too, and we’re sure they will appreciate that cosy little area to bathe in too.


Who needs a fancy foot spa when you can invest in the BabyDam? All parents need a little bit of time to kick back, relax and simply rest! Create a small section in the bath, fill with bubbles, aromatherapy oils and enjoy. Adding a glass of wine into the mix is optional…

There are so many different uses for the BabyDam that we are still discovering today! We want to know, what was the main reason that you purchased a BabyDam? We’d love to know! Keep up to date with the latest news and competitions from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!