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England Is Facing Water Supply Shortages By 2050

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England water supply shortage

I know what you’re thinking, ‘2050 is ages away’ or ‘that will never happen’. But the frank reality is that it is happening already, our actions are already impacting how the future of our water supply will pan out.

According to the Environment Agency, unless rapid action is taken to curb water use and wastage, then England could face water supply shortages by 2050.

140 litres is the average amount of water used each day, per person in England, with a whopping 3 billion litres of water wasted through leakage every day which understandably highlighted a huge issue and caused an uproar among people across social media when this was announced last week.

Whilst the average usage currently sits at 140 litres per day, Russel from Waterwise who campaigns for water efficiency would like to see it at 100 or less over the next 20-25 years.

But it’s certainly not just leakages that could be the blame for future water shortages in England. Michael Roberts, from Water UK, said to the BBC that “It’s actually everyone’s issue”. The government has already suggested that an individual’s water use to be reduced, in it’s 25-year plan, that was published earlier this year.

The truth is that attitudes have to change and WE have to do our bit in the home too. We should be learning from the current Cape Town water crisis and taking action now so new water habits become engrained in us far before we need it to be.

Based on the 140 litres use of water in the home each day, per person, as shown above a whopping 40% which represents 56 litres is used in the bathroom alone. Joint with ever increasing energy costs, there’s never been a better time to start saving water in the home.

The Environment Agency wants people to have a personal water target and has urged them to use water more wisely at home.

Asides from taking a leaf out of South African citizens books who can use no more than 50 litres of water a day as they approach day zero. Some of the ways they have had to curb their water habits include 90 second showers and flushing the toilet only when required. Even including hotels, those with children are employing the use of BabyDam so they can still ensure their baby gets a bath each night whilst saving precious resources.

BabyDam is now helping parents to save water in 5 continents, in over 20 different countries. It’s a product of tomorrows world, available today. Which parents don’t want to save more water, money and time? It’s the easiest way to start changing your water habits today. It can be just the beginning.

If we all start to consciously manage our water consumption today, we can as a nation try a put a stop to potential water shortages in 2050.

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