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5 Top Tips For Fitting Your BabyDam

Reading Time: 2 minutes

babydam bathwater barrier

Whether you’re a well seasoned user of BabyDam or you’re about to use it for the first time, we wanted to share 5 of our tops tips that will help you to fit the BabyDam effectively each and every time. Once you have perfected the process of fitting the BabyDam, you’ll be fitting it in a few seconds flat!

1.Make Sure The Bath Is Dry

Before you start fitting the BabyDam make sure that it is clean of any soap residue or water, this can create a slippery surface which will make it difficult for the BabyDam to gain traction on the bath.

2.Wet The Suction Cups

Make sure that you wet the suction cups thoroughly, this can be done with a damp towel or by rinsing them under the tap. This will help the BabyDam to stick to the surface of the bath.

3.Overflex The BabyDam

Don’t be scared to overflex the BabyDam, the plastic is incredibly strong and is designed this way so that it can form an agile shape in the bath.

Overflex the BabyDam and centre in the bath whilst doing so, you can then release the flex onto the bath. Always over flex so you can ensure the rubber gasket forms a good seal on the surface of the bath.

4.Check The Seal

Run your fingers along the rubber gasket to ensure it has a good seal, if it doesn’t, just lift the BabyDam out and fit it again. How the seal lies on the bottom of the bath is the most important part, so it’s worth the time in getting it right.

5.Press Down On The Suction Cups

Once the BabyDam is in place, with one hand on the BabyDam, press down on the suction cups with the other hand. Once you have ensured that it has a good seal and fit in the bath, you’re good to go!

Start filling the bath with warm water and it’s ready for baby! Baby bathtime has changed for good!

The BabyDam can also be fitted at either end of the bath, if you have a younger baby you can create a small section at the opposite end of the taps so that they are away from the pesky taps, it can then be filled with a shower head or jugs of water – simple!

If you have any difficulties in fitting the BabyDam then please do contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to help.

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