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Fitting Instructions

Find out more about our products through our selection of videos and guides:

Fitting your BabyDam

The Bathwater Barrier has been designed as a modern alternative to a baby bath. It works by creating a small area in the family bath which is just the right size for the baby. Learn how to fit your BabyDam like a pro!

Orbital Bath Seat

BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat

Introducing our innovative Rotating Baby Baby Bath Seat, designed to make bath time a joyful and safe experience for both babies and parents. 

Cleaning Instructions

BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat removable arm rest

Find out how to clean the Orbital baby bath seat, we recommend wiping down after use and cleaning monthly to avoid a build up of mould.

Suction Cups

After use ensure you pull the suction cup tabs to remove it from your bath. If you need to replace the suction cups follow this useful video.

SpongePod Booster

SpongePod Feeding Chair

The feeding seat has been designed to keep babies and toddlers safe during meal and play time.  With a robust, yet comfy structure, the feeding seat provides support and stability for your baby.