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Free Places To Host A Baby Shower

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Baby showers have continued to grow in popularity over the years, but the rising cost and extravagance can create needless stress which is the last thing you need during the throws of pregnancy. But for many, a baby shower provides a lovely time to celebrate the impending arrival of your new bundle of joy with your nearest and dearest. What’s better than friends, cake and laughter? Sometimes a baby shower is just the thing you need in your last few weeks of peace…

The good news is that baby showers don’t have to be the flashiest and most expensive affairs, whether you’re on a budget or just wanting to throw a small baby shower, anyone can with these free places to host a baby shower that means, you shall go to your own baby shower!

1. A Garden

If you’re hosting a baby shower in the summer then keeping it outdoors (weather permitting of course) in a garden is one of the easiest and most convenient ideas. Whether it’s your own, a family members or a friends garden, you could do a lot on a budget in a garden with gazebos, balloon walls and plenty of homemade snacks and drinks. When you’re in the late stages of pregnancy there’s nothing like the comfort of being in a stones throw to a house either!

2. Home

If your baby shower is being hosted during the height of winter or the heavens open then hosting in the comfort of your own home is a no brainer! You have your home comforts, no distraction from other people and it’s completely free! Forget fancy restaurants and venues, it’s all about where the closest toilet is when you’re pregnant!

3. A Park

Why not host a picnic themed baby shower at your local park? Pack up a lovely little spread, bring some games, props for photos and invite all your friends. A perfect venue for a baby shower in the summertime.

4. The Beach

Obviously depending on your guest list and that the beach has easy access for a mama to be, a beach is a gorgeous location for the beach lover, especially during spring/summer. You could tie it in with a beach BBQ, a floral dress code and lots of feel good vibes. Keep an eye on the tides before you plan what time you’re going to head down there. Oh, and it’s no beach themed baby shower without the obligatory ice cream!

5. A Restaurant or Cafe

If you have a smaller guest list then why not book a table in your fave cafe or restaurant? You don’t need to book out the whole place for the venue and only need to cover what food and drink you’re gonna choose when you’re there, they may also be able to offer bulk discounts in advance depending on your party size. You can still take plenty of photos, decorate your table and have plenty of games. An afternoon tea would be a great idea too!

6. Unused Co Working/Community Spaces

Research co working spaces or unused community space, especially during weekends. Just run a quick google search and start asking around. If you have a big guest list then they might be willing to rent the space to you free of charge if it’s not being used and it could be mutually beneficial, i.e social media coverage or potential guests that might be interested in the co working spaces if they are freelancers or professionals themselves.

7. Accelerate Places

We stumbled upon Accelerate places who offer free venue hire. They have locations in London, Manchester and Nottingham so if you’re local to these areas then it is definitely worth checking them out and putting an enquiry in well in advance of your event date.

8. Come And Go Baby Shower

If you’re worried you don’t have enough room to host a baby shower at someone’s house then why not have a come and go baby shower? The baby shower would go on for longer, but the idea would be that people can come and visit for a period of time and then leave so there is room for your other guests to come. If you have a wide mix of friends in different circles then socially this might work out as a better idea for you anyway.

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