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Helping Small Guests To Save Water In Tourism

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Photo credit: Cape Grace

Green tourism is something that we are seeing more and more of across the UK, hotels and establishments that are actively demonstrating to their guests that they are caring for the people, places and the environment around us. In these days of climate change, having an award for green tourism can help to give you a competitive advantage, and in time improves the perception of your business.

From water saving initiatives to using recycled furniture, they may be practicing in a green way, but that doesn’t mean that they scrimp on luxury. What’s better than enjoying a few days of R&R with the thought that your stay is helping our world to become more sustainable one stay at a time.

Whilst green tourism continues to soar in the UK, South Africa have had no choice but to all implement water saving initiatives in their hotels because of the water crisis in Cape Town. Even guests have to actively think about their water consumption whilst they’re holidaying.

In fact, at Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town they’re very transparent about their responsible tourism practices, whilst they want their guests to have a luxurious stay, they want to achieve this in the most sustainable way. Whilst Day Zero has been pushed back, they’re still actively enforcing water initiatives in the hotel to help the environment. Because of course, Day Zero is still very much a future threat to the capital.

Various ways that guests are impacted during their stay involves taking shorter showers, not flushing so often, using hand sanitiser that is presented upon arrival, to shower, not bath and by reusing towels.

Along with their other measures for reducing water consumption in the hotel, they are the first hotel in South Africa to keep BabyDams for travellers with little ones so they can still get their daily baby bath without using litres of water. Every aspect has been looked after at Cape Grace to ensure that the little luxuries like a baby bath can still be enjoyed.

But it doesn’t just stop at saving water throughout the hotel, they also endeavour to reduce their carbon footprint by using energy efficient lights and boilers, and they actively take part in recycling throughout the hotel.

Having to become responsible for our impact on the world around us is the way the world is heading, and the longer you ignore it the more you have to miss out on, especially as a business in tourism. There’s no denying that green tourism is the future whether you like it or not!

If you’re looking for additional ways to help save water and actively promote the message in your hotel then get in touch with us at, we’d love to hear from you whatever your enquiry!

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