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How To Clean Bath Toys and Prevent Mould

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Our quick guide to keeping your bath toys clean and mould free!

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When it comes to bath toys, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way into the mouths of your little ones and therefore how to clean bath toys and prevent mould is something every parent should know! It can be quite easy to sterilise baby’s toys and teethers on the go, but when it comes to bath toys we don’t really know what dirt, debris or mould they’re harbouring on the inside.

This is one of the main reasons that our BabyDam family of ducks are now one complete item, with no hole, which means, no more yucky duckies, hooray! But most bath toys do have a hole of some sort which allow water to enter and exit which can mean that the damp and moist conditions inside the toy create the perfect breeding ground for mould to form.

The good news is that you don’t need to wave goodbye to all of your current bath toys, armed with the below top tips for keeping your babies bath toys clean, it’s one less thing you have to worry about when they’re reaching for the toy next time it’s bath time.

Wash Thoroughly & Dry After EVERY Use

We know, we know. Another thing to remember to do after baby bath time and we totally get how it becomes something put to the back of the list, but your bath toys will really thank you for this. Plus, it will certainly help to increase their lifespan and keep them safe from bacteria and germs.

After each bath time, thoroughly rinse the toys off under warm water and towel dry after use. This is more effective than letting them air dry if they are being stored in a moist environment like the bathroom. If the bath toys feature a hole, squeeze out any excess water and leave them to dry with the hole facing down so any excess water or moisture inside can drain out.

Check Your Bath Toys Regularly

Before getting into a good routine with your bath toys, we recommend going through and carefully checking your current collection, there may be some already harbouring mould or are in need of a clean. Sift out the already moldy bath toys as once the mould has set in to the plastic of the product it’s very unlikely that you’ll get it out, and it’s not worth the risk of your baby putting them into their mouth where signs of mould are already present.

Every now and then it’s worth checking through the bath toys to ensure they’re all looking and smelling as good as they should be. If you wash them regularly you shouldn’t come across any unexpected surprises!

Clean From The Inside Out

If you have a lot of bath toys with squirty holes in them then this is definitely something you should be doing every so often to ensure they’re kept clean and hygienic from the inside out. The easiest way to do this is filling up the sink with hot and soapy water, and squeezing the air out of the toy, allowing it to then take in the fresh, warm water. Do this a few times and then squeeze out, towel dry and allow it to dry with the hole facing down so excess water can drain out.

Another method that you can try is by soaking the bath toy in a white vinegar based solution for 10-15 minutes, again, use the technique of squeezing the air out and then allowing it to take in the vinegar solution. This solution is also excellent for cleaning the outside of the bath toy, you can do this with a clean scrubbing brush or cloth ensuring that you get into all the nooks and crannies of the toy. After using this solution, ensure you rinse it off thoroughly with warm water. They’re then ready for bath time!


Bacteria and mould thrive in warm and moist conditions, so simply by breaking this chain and storing your toys in a dry environment will stop mould from setting in. You’ll probably want to keep them to hand, so storing them in an air tight box or container in the bathroom is a perfect solution for this.

Buy No More Yucky Duckies!

Purchase bath toys that are one complete item, with no hole in the bottom.  Just like our family of ducks, you don’t need to worry about what is lurking inside them! It’s still important to keep all bath toys clean and dry though when not in use.

Who’s ready for cleaner and safer bath times? We’re in!

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