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How To Get Your Babies Nursery Ready For Christmas

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Image – Pink Peonies

We can barely believe there is less than 2 weeks of the year left, let alone that there is only 6 days to go until Christmas, HOW?

Whether it’s your first Christmas with a little one in tow or one of many, introducing them to the excitement, colours and glitter will allow them to experience the sensory side to Christmas even if they’re a little bit too young to appreciate the presents and magic of Christmas just yet.

The halls are the decked, the tree is likely to be up, but what about babies nursery?

Decorating babies nursery at Christmas will allow baby to look up and learn about the bright lights of Christmas, as well as providing the cosiest haven for the whole family to sit in and enjoy over the festive period. But it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, here are some simple ways to transform a nursery this Christmas.

Christmas Tree

We’re not talking about a full size one, but as demonstrated by Pink Peonies above, little tree ornaments look fab on the side of a dressing table, perhaps not in sight of little hands! It’s a simple touch and instantly adds a little bit of sparkle to the room. If you have the space for a bigger tree then lights are a must, as they twinkle and sparkle they’ll enchant your little one – aren’t fairy lights just the cosiest thing ever?

Festive Bunting

Bauble, star, tree, heart shaped – tasteful bunting actually looks perfect hung up all year in a nursery, especially if you have a colour theme. Minimal work required to hang or drape it, it would look perfect draped over a shelf and entwined with fairy lights. Simple, yet effective and super festive!

Sensory Treasure Basket

A perfect idea for those a little older, create a festive sensory treasure basket which can be kept in their room for play time. Grab a wicker basket or box and fill lots of items associated with Christmas to provide a fun sensory experience with plenty of sights, textures, smells and sounds. Ideas that you could fill yours with are gold beads, tinsel, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks, bows, wrapping paper, pine cones and baubles. It’s something so easy to put together and it could easily be stored away until the following year.

Christmas Bedding

Isn’t Christmas bedding just as fun if you’re 4 or 40? Combine it with new Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve and it’s the total dream! Something as easy as changing the bedding to something more festive appropriate can make a huge difference without having to fill the nursery with oodles of decorations, especially if space is an issue. Christmas cheer pending!

Festive Prints

To add something subtle, a festive themed print is a fantastic idea. It can sit on a shelf or baby changing table, opt for a black and white version for a really little one as at this age black and white images have been shown to stimulate their development and interaction. As they get older a cheerful festive coloured print is a must have. It’s simple and can be put away and brought out each year.

Who said decorating a nursery wasn’t fun? You’ll only wish that the nursery could look like it all year!

From the team at BabyDam, we’d like you wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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