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How To Keep Babies Cool In The Heatwave

Reading Time: 3 minutes

how to keep babies cool in the heatwave

When you realise there’s been 3 + more days of sunshine in the UK, you know it’s serious. Or is THIS just something we call summer? Either way, none of us can remember the last time we actually had a good nights sleep and didn’t have to spend most of our lives trying to get the flies back out through the window. Right?

As an adult we can moan about the weather and try our best to keep as cool as possible, but for a little baby it can become incredibly hard. They don’t understand and they can’t communicate with us so we just have to do the best we can to keep them cool.

Heat exhaustion doesn’t discriminate and can strike on anyone at any time, however young children are more at risk of developing heat stroke and heat exhaustion. To keep your little tot cool and yourself calm and collected, here are some ways to keep them cool during the never-ending heatwave!

Cooler Bathtime

Run baby a cooler bath than normal before bedtime so they’re going to bed cool. Don’t make it too cold as this will have the opposite effect and will make them more awake before they sleep.

Keep Windows Open

This obviously goes without saying, and it’s for the parents too! Open windows and keep blinds or curtains pulled down and across to keep the beating sun off your house as direct sunlight will generate a lot of warmth in your home. Opening windows before bedtime and naps will provide a cool environment for them to sleep in easily. We all know how hard it can be to sleep in the heat!

Drink More Fluids

Whether it’s water, squash or something else, getting little ones to drink more fluids in this heat is SO important. An easy way to get more fluids into them and to keep them cool is by freezing healthy ice lollies, it could be something simple like lemonade and strawberries. It’s seen as a treat and will help keep them well hydrated, it’s a win win all round!

Safe Clothes For Bedtime

Adapt what you’re sending your little one off to sleep in to keep them cool and safe. Abi Thompson, managing director of Sound Asleep recommends a 0.5g tog sleeping bag. She also recommends a short sleeved vest and just a nappy to keep them lovely and cool.

As for the daytime, with temperatures continuing to creep to 30 degrees, Abi says that they should just be in a nappy day and night. Keep an eye on the temperatures and adjust what they wear and their layers accordingly to keep baby cool and comfortable. Not sure wether they’re too hot? A good indicator is touching the back of their neck, if it’s hot and damp it’s time to remove a layer.

Get A Room Thermometer

It doesn’t feel long ago that my home was registering 15 degrees in the height of winter and it’s now pushing 30 degrees! A room thermometer or thermostat is a great way of getting an accurate reading of the temperature in your home. Ensure it’s kept away from direct sunlight and ovens so it gives an accurate reading. You then have an idea of how to dress your baby and how much you need to decrease the room temperate by…

Invest In A Fan

If you haven’t already succumbed to purchasing a fan, now is probably the time to do so. We all know that fans can sometimes be rendered useless when all they seem to do is just blow hot air around. Keep the windows open to allow for air circulation and you can even place a large bowl of ice or frozen bottles of water in front of it to cool the air temperature.

Keep Baby Calm

Most importantly, keep baby calm. An agitated baby is not a happy one, and teamed with heat it doesn’t help anyone. Keep up a lovely bedtime routine with a cool bath and if they do get hot then use a cool compress or flannel against their forehead or body to help cool and calm them down.

What are your top tips for keeping baby cool during the heatwave? Keep up to date with the latest news and competitions from BabyDam over on our Facebook page or Twitter!