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How To Store The BabyDam

Reading Time: 2 minutes

babydam storage ideasWe’re creatures of habit, right? If there’s anything we just love to do it’s hoard stuff. Just in case you know, you might find a use for said item in 15647 years time. With our homes already full to the brim of stuff, what happens when your baby comes along and you’re trying to find new homes for everything new that any baby needs?

It’s difficult not to have a cluttered home if you’re low on storage space, with items such as baby baths which are bulky and take up a lot of room, you’ll probably find that it just makes itself permanent residence on the bathroom floor instead.

Renown for its money, time and water savings, BabyDam features a cleverer design than you think. With a sleek and flexible body, it means that the BabyDam instantly takes up a third of space that a traditional baby bath would.

BabyDam can be slotted, stuck  or hung. Out of sight, out of mind…

Hang It – The BabyDam USA features handy cut out holes at the top of the product so that it  can easily be hung up to dry and kept out of the way. Simply thread a piece of string through, loop it and hang it on a hook or anything else. It’s as easy as that!

Stick It – The 2 suction cups on the bottom of the BabyDam serve more purpose than just creating that seal and barrier within the bath. Once you’ve finished using it, simply stick the suction cups to the wall in the shower/bathroom. Fuss free bath time ready until next time!

Slot It – With its thin, lightweight body, the BabyDam can easily be slotted underneath a bed, kept in a chest of drawers, and even just laid against the end of the bath tub ready for its next use.

Its slightly flexible shape means that it can be moulded easily without damage. It’s lightweight and flexible enough to even be stored in a suitcase or an overnight bag.

With so many storage possibilities, that’s one less stress to have when you’re getting baby ready for bath time. We’d love to hear where or how you store your BabyDam, comment below or tweet us! It’s the storage solution for baby bath time we’ve all been looking for!

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