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Special Mother’s Day Ideas

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what mum's really want for mother's day

Mother’s Day Ideas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we took to Instagram to ask our followers what they really want for Mother’s Day…

Chocolates, flowers, teddies? It seems the traditional gifting ideas aren’t what Mum’s really want this year. So, to all Dad’s out there, let’s appreciate these wonderful women in your lives with some very simple ideas, that don’t even cost any money!

A Lie In

The resounding answer was a lie in, sleep, naps and an uninterrupted nights sleep – now, that’s what we’re talking about! Dad’s we’re putting you on night time duty to let Mum have the well earned sleep that she so deserves.

According to most of the Mum’s that said a lie in would be great, it was 9/10 times followed up with, breakfast in bed would be nice too. Come on, we’re not asking too much! Get your little one involved with bringing the breakfast to bed, they’ll love feeling involved and we know how much Mum’s would appreciate it.

Just Being Together

Being together and spending time together as a little family unit was another one top on the list of what the Mum’s really want. With the pressures of work and just daily life, take time out to switch off from your phones, the news and any other distractions, and relish in spending time together.


Cuddles from their little one was another one that topped the charts and we LOVE this. It doesn’t matter how old they are, it’s not about how much a present costs it’s about just anything to feel appreciated, this is what one of our followers said to us. Cuddles are free, super lovely and make your heart feel warm and fuzzy.


Is this not the typical statement from any Mum? ‘Don’t get me anything, just being with you is enough’. They wouldn’t be a mum if they didn’t utter this, but this doesn’t quite literally mean don’t do anything…Gratitude and showing someone they’re appreciated is priceless and it will mean more than anything to them. A lovely hand written message in a card, breakfast in bed or a bunch of flowers to show her that she’s everything.


We had lots of other requests, ranging from a

  • cooked roast
  • cod modern warfare
  • flowers
  • afternoon tea
  • pamper session would make a huge impact
  • a relaxing bath with no disturbance
  • 38 weeks pregnant so would love 1st baby to be here for mothers day

Is anyone else due in time for Mother’s Day?

We LOVED hearing from our followers and the resounding answer is just make Mum feel appreciated, loved and be there for her this year. Family and belonging is everything!

Thank you to all the lovely Mum’s that helped us out with this post, now, just point your partner to this post and we’ll leave the rest up to them! Whatever you’re doing on Sunday, we hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day, you deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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