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Mum’s The Word! It’s Christmas

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trevi house Christmas campaign

It’s easy to forget that this time of the year can be hard for many families and individuals. To give back to the community, this year we decided that we would donate £1000 worth of products to Plymouth based non-profit charity, Trevi House. They provide rehabilitation and parental assessment for mothers with drug and alcohol dependency issues, together with their children.

We felt that our baby products would be a perfect fit for the mothers and children at Trevi House. Trevi House is the only service of its kind in the UK who allows women the chance to detox and become completely drug free without being separated from their children. We couldn’t think of a better cause, given the uniqueness of this wonderful opportunity that Trevi House provide in their desire to keep mother and baby united.

Trevi House has 24 years’ experience of keeping women and children safe, and over the years they have seen many women leave together with their children that have gone on to live very successful and happy lives.

The #TreviChristmas campaign is encouraging those to help keep a mum and child together this Christmas and give them a chance to live a happy life together. Their campaign highlights that every 16 minutes a child is taken into care in the UK. Only 1 in 10 is reunited with their mother, and with your help, Trevi can continue to keep families together.

Receiving donations is vital to keep children together with their mum whilst they go through rehab. Christmas is a time for families to be together, making happy memories and any donation whether monetary or through products will greatly help to settle new mums quickly into the home of Trevi, whilst providing children with a present that will make a memory and a smile this Christmas.

Whilst we’re all indulging and receiving over the Christmas period it’s easy to forget about those less fortunate. It’s a simple fact that sometimes we need to help those who need something more than we do. In order to put this wonderful charity into perspective, upon speaking to one of the volunteers we met, we were staggered that despite her having 3 of her own children, she gives 5 working days a week of her own time to help others.

There are many companies within the baby industry, but we really identified with Trevi House, both being a local company and the fantastic work that they do to help others. This was a perfect opportunity to give something back to both the parents and their babies.

We donated our whole range of products to Trevi including the BabyDam Bathwater Barrier, our Changing Mats and of course, the family of BabyDam ducks! We’re so blessed to have been given this opportunity to also visit Trevi and the staff that have SO much passion and enthusiasm for what they do. There really are some wonderful people in this world who devote their lives to helping those who need it.

Please do check out the #TreviChristmas campaign and provide your support in any way that you can, it will really make a difference.

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