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Our BabyDam Ducks Have Had A Revamp…No Soggy Bottoms Here

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We promise you that this is far more exciting news than an episode of The Great British Bake Off, maybe… We’re delighted to announce that our BabyDam Family of Ducks have had a revamp, their soggy bottom is no more! Their bottom has been filled in so they are now one complete item, with no hole to collect mould, dirt and bacteria. Mums & Dad’s everywhere can rejoice!

Over the last year there have been many viral videos spread across the internet that show parents squirting their children’s bath toys and demonstrating what really lurks in those bath toys. According to treehugger, nothing really happens if you accidentally ingest the mould, other than people being somewhat disgusted when they see what is harbouring inside the innocent bath toy.

Wet and damp environments provide the perfect conditions to breed mould, and whilst there are ways to ensure your bath toys are sterilised and clean so they’re safe for little hands and mouths, we want there to be one less worry and stress at bath time for parents. As the news about bath toys has evolved over the last year and parents are becoming more educated about their children’s bath toys, it was always our number one priority to revamp the BabyDam ducks so they can be part of many happy bath times to come!

Yucky duckies no more.

The family of ducks consist of Mum & Dad, Daisy & Dek and their three adorable ducklings, Bonnie, Bob & Boo! They come complete with their own colour and name which allows baby to easily identify each duck. They’re a bright, colourful and fun addition to any bath time play.

Whilst you don’t have to worry about any mould growth, as with all your bath toys we still recommend cleaning them regularly with warm water and soap and towel drying after use to keep them in perfect condition.

Quacking news! You can grab a pack of the BabyDam Family of Ducks FREE with every purchase of a BabyDam Bathwater Barrier. They are also available separately for purchase at £7.99.

Happier bath times are here!

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