Feeding Time

SpongePod Feeding Chair

The SpongePod Feeding Chair is ergonomically designed with a robust structure which provides support and stability for your baby.

Meals are an important part of family time. The SpongePod Feeding Chair lets your little one join you at the dining table. Dinner times can be stressful, the SpongePod is comfortable for infant keeping them happy whilst waiting for their dinner.

The portable feeding chair is an ideal solution for keeping baby safe and secure during feed times or play.

Suitable to start your weaning journey.

It features a handy detachable tray. This locks into place on the sides and front of the seat, safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Not only great for mealtimes the SpongePod is great for playtime and robust enough to sit straight on the floor whilst keeping baby safe and secure.

The handy tray keep toys within reach.

The chair is lightweight and easily transportable and can be used in any setting as an alternative to a highchair saving you valuable storage space.

The portable feeding chair has a cushioned structure making it very comfortable for baby which is easy to clean. Finished in a stylish grey colour with white tray.

Designed for babies 6 months old and beyond.

“The seat is one of the most comfortable seats i have ever seen for a baby/toddler with its spongey material however it is still sturdy and super secure”

Product dimensions: 42 × 34 × 23 cm. SpongePod will cocoon your baby’s body, you won’t believe the soft and spongy texture of the seat until you give it a little squeeze!

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