SpongePod Booster Seat RRP £44.99

The BabyDam SpongePod Booster seat is an ideal solution to keeping baby safe and secure during feedtimes or play.

Uniquely soft and spongy, making it super comfortable for baby, the SpongePod can be used anywhere – a flat surface such as a playmat or picnic blanket or simply attach the safety harness to a dining chair at home or when eating out.

The wipeclean surface ensures that even the messiest mealtime or playtime just simply disappears!

The SpongePod is lightweight and easily transportable and can be used in any setting as an alternative to a highchair saving you valuable storage space.

BabyDam CozyToze RRP £13.99

The BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel is uniquely designed to provide head to toe comfort.

Hooded for warmth with a pocket for CozyToze makes drying time a comforting and secure experience for baby.

Made from 100% bamboo with a super soft texture whilst absorbing up to four times as much water as ordinary cotton towels.

BabyDam Ducks RRP £9.99

The BabyDam family of 5 ducks make the perfect companions for bath and play time. Each with their own individual name and colour, they’ll become synonymous with baby at bath time, providing lots of fun and enjoyment.