BabyDam SpongePod Feeding Chair


Uniquely soft and spongy, making it super comfortable for baby, the SpongePod Feeding Chair can be used anywhere – a flat surface such as a playmat or picnic blanket or simply attach the safety harness to a dining chair at home or when eating out.

The wipeclean surface ensures that even the messiest mealtime or playtime just simply disappears!

The SpongePod is lightweight and easily transportable and can be used in any setting as an alternative to a highchair saving you valuable storage space.

The SpongePod Feeding Chair is designed for babies 6 months old and beyond, the seat has a maximum weight capacity of 15kg.

 Awarded Silver by Bizzie Baby Testers


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The BabyDam SpongePod Feeding Chair is ergonomically designed with a robust structure which provides support and stability for your baby.

The booster seat is an ideal solution to keeping baby safe and secure during feed times or play.

It features a handy detachable tray which locks into place on the sides of the seat.



Dimensions: 42 × 34 × 23 cm

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7 reviews for BabyDam SpongePod Feeding Chair

  1. deb

    6 + months up until 3 years/15kg

    This booster seat is great! I love the fact that it can be used for a couple of years and it’s easier to transport around compared to a full high chair. Going to a friends or Grandparents for the day, take this booster seat it’s a much easier and convenient alternative.

    I also love that the tray has a twisty lock system so your baby/toddler can’t pull the tray off. It feels super comfy too, a hard spongy material.

    Jacob is now 8 months and sitting well by himself but if I would have had this when he was 6 months old it would have been a great sit me up seat to keep him safe whilst playing too

    I will definitely be recommending this product to anyone with a baby now as I feel it’s a must have for safety and convenience

  2. Jahada

    The Spongepod was very easy to set onto the chair with the adjustable straps. The seat itself is spacious and of a soft sponge in which my little one (16 months old) appeared to be very comfortable.
    The seat is great for our girl to have her snacks and also to sit with us at the table for meals as it’s not possible to get her highchair near the dinner table due to space issues.  It was also very easy to wipe down the seat as there aren’t any hard to reach areas where food can get stuck. Overall, we are very pleased with the seat and can see that she will get ample use out of it.

  3. Chloe Sewell

    My daughter who is now 8 months old and I have been trialling the BabyDam Spongepod booster seat.

    The BabyDam booster has a safety harness to secure tightly around the back and bottom of a chair (we have fitted to our dining chairs) We loved how safe and secure this felt, no risk of our little one rocking the booster. A 3point strap within the booster also helps with keeping her secure and support her sitting correctly.

    The spongepod booster feels comfortable, Isla thoroughly enjoys herself joining Mum and Dad at the dinner table.

    We love the colour as it fits perfectly with our dining decor. The table attachment is the perfect size for Isla and simple for us to fit.

    It is portable therefore we are able to take booster seat with us wherever we go, eating out and on holiday.

    Fantastic product, having such a positive impact on weaning and mealtimes. We look forward to using this daily. A definite must have for families of little ones 6months+

  4. Jen Hollings

    The SpongePod is a game changer, wish I’d had it when my daughter had just learnt to sit as she used to easily pull the tray off the seat we used back then (not BabyDam, another brand) but this tray locks in from all sides – brilliant! The slanted seat means she can’t shift her way all to the front and is safe and secure. As an excited toddler she enjoys a good snack which this is perfect for to enjoy her treats as well as having the tray taken off and joining us at the table for a family dinner. The seatbelt is easy too and just a single button to undo unlike the clip seatbelts which can be a faff and pinch you. 10/10 thumbs up from us!

  5. Hilary

    I have been trialling the BabyDam Spongepod booster seat with my 2 year old. The BabyDam booster has a safety harness to secure tightly around the back and bottom of a chair (we have fitted it to our dining chair) we have used it attached to a chair and also on the floor with the tray as a stand alone seat. We must have a high table as my toddler wasn’t quite high enough to use it as a booster to the main table. With the tray he was still able to eat the table with us as a family. We loved how safe and secure this felt, no risk of our little one rocking the booster. A 3point strap within the booster also helps with keeping him secure and support him sitting correctly, and also stopped him getting down from the table unaided.
    The spongepod booster feels comfortable, as it is padded it doesn’t have that thin plastic cheap feel. It is easy to clean and the white tray has remained clean even after eating meals with a tomato base! Being portable it has meant when visiting out family and friends we can take it with us, also continuing with the continuity of what he uses at home. It is also not very heavy to carry and packs down quite compact so it doesn’t take up a huge amount of room in the car.
    As well as eating we have used this for craft activities such as painting, drawing and play dough. As the tray is large enough to hold a piece of paper and also some crayons or pencils. There was also room to roll out the play dough and have an arrange of cutters.
    We have just had twins so I will be investing in another one when they are old enough to use it too!

  6. Tayabah Rizvi

    We have been trialling the spongepod booster seat for a little over a week now and we absolutely love it !!!

    My daughter is 2 years old and fits perfectly in the booster seat and its the perfect height for her to be able to eat dinner at the table with us when the booster seat is tied to one of the dining table chairs
    The seat is one of the most comfortable seats i have ever seen for a baby/toddler with its spongey material however it is still sturdy and super secure. It can easily be used away from the table and is ideal for when you are out and about for example in the park for a picnic your little one will have their own little seat and the tray attachment makes the perfect litle table for their food !!

    We have really enjoyed using the booster seat for painting, making slime and other activities at the table as it makes it so much easier for my daughters little arms to reach over the table.

    Overall i would say the spongepod booster seat is a must have item as you can use it from when your baby is 6 months up until atleast 3 years old if not longer as the booster seat is super spacious and super comfy even for toddlers !!

  7. Hannah

    The spongepod booster seat is a MUST for when your little one starts solids! My little girl is now 11 months old and it’s fantastic for her to sit at the table with us at tea time 🙂 I only wish I knew about this product sooner! It’s very easy to assemble and it’s very stable and secure once fastened. The tray is also a great addition. We’ve tried other type of seats but nothing compares to the spongepod booster!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone 🙂

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