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The BabyDam Orbital Rotating Bath Seat is ergonomically designed and rotates 360° for ease of use. The robust structure provides support and stability at bath time, with a removable arm rest for easy access. Available in white and cool grey to complement any bathroom decor.

The Orbital Rotating Bath Seat is ergonomically designed for when baby has outgrown the bath support and can sit up unaided and is perfect for improving little one’s confidence in the water.

Use in the bath to ensure that baby and parent can enjoy the precious bonding moments that BathTime brings.

Key Features

  • Modern innovative design in soft white and cool grey
  • Four solid suction cups with easy release pull tabs
  • 360° Fully Rotating base
  •  Removable arm rest for ease of use. 


The Orbital Rotating Bath Seat is easy to fit into the bath.

  • Before filling the bath with water, simply select the desired position and press the seat firmly down onto the surface of the bath.  
  • Turn the seat towards you and remove the armrest by pressing the central button.
  • Fill the bath and you are ready to put the little one in.
  • When baby is in replace the arm rest.

Baby is now secure in the bath and you have free hands for washing and play. You can turn the seat so baby can face you therefore encouraging eye contact and play interaction.

When bathtime is over and baby is safely out of the seat, simply let out the water and remove the seat by pulling on the pull tabs. If you can’t see them simply rotate the seat until you can.

ALWAYS use the tabs to release the suction cups. If you pull on the seat to remove from the bath you may break the suction cups or pull them out of their housing.


Any product left wet in a bathroom will become susceptible to mould. To avoid this ensure that your Orbital Rotating Bath Seat is dried thoroughly after each use and placed in a warm not humid place.

On a regular basis you can remove the base to check for mould. If some is there use an off the shelf mould and mildew remover or make your own using white vinegar and tea tree oil. Click here to find out how. 

ALWAYS check for mould on a regular basis. If you allow mould to establish it will be more difficult to remove successfully.

Age Suitability

Suitable for babies from approximately 5 months old and onwards and until baby can sit up unaided and is more confident in the water.

The seat can also be used in conjunction with the BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Baby Bath Towel and  BabyDam – The Original Bathwater Barrier

Note *Compatible with all baths with a non-textured surface* 

Check suction cups regularly for wear and tear. Replacements are available, please contact info@babydam.com for more details

(‎Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Always keep baby within arms reach during bathing)


Orbital Rotating Bath Seat – 31 x 28 x 23cm (L x W x H)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 28 × 23 cm

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  1. SW

    Love that the seat rotates and it also make bath time a lot easier (no need to hold baby anymore) plus baby loves it!

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What age is the seat designed for?

It is suitable for babies from approximately 5 months old and beyond, or when baby is starting to sit up and is more confident in the water.

Is it BPA free?

Yes, all BabyDam products are BPA free and fully safety tested.

What is the weight limit of the seat?

There is no weight limit as such, the Orbital Rotating Bath Seat is designed for babies 5-10 months + and is fine to use as long as baby is comfortable in it.

How do I remove it from the bath?

The suction cups feature tabs on the side, please ensure you pull these first before releasing the seat from the bath. If you can't see them simply rotate the seat until you can.

The suction cups have become detached from the base. What do I do?

To remove the seat from the bath always use the pull tabs. The suction cups can pull out of their housing if the product is removed by pulling the seat upwards. If the suction cups do become detached they can be easily pushed back in as follows: 1. Put suction cups into a bowl of warm water to make them more malleable 2. Using a blunt object push each cup back into its housing. 3. Leave to cool and continue to use as normal. If the suction cups are damaged we do offer replacements.

Can the seat be used in any bath?

Yes. As long as the bath has a non textured, smooth surface the suction cups will adhere and the product is safe to use. NEVER use the seat if it does not stick to the bottom of the bath

Is the seat available in different colours?

No. The Orbital Rotating Bath Seat is only available in the white and grey combination.

How do I remove the arm rest?

The arm rest has an easy push release mechanism for safety and quick removal. Simply push the tab at the front of the seat above the BabyDam logo and pull the armrest upwards to remove from the holding slots.