BabyDam SpongePod Booster Seat


The BabyDam SpongePod Booster Seat is ergonomically designed with a robust structure that provides support and stability at mealtime and playtime. It also features a handy detachable tray that can easily be secured and locked into place on the sides of the seat. The ideal addition for mealtime or even crafty activities!

SpongePod will cocoon your baby’s body, you won’t believe the soft and spongy texture of the seat until you give it a little squeeze! This provides a wonderfully robust and comfortable base for baby. The SpongePod is soft and spongy for comfort which makes it perfect for all types of uses.

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The booster seat is easy to fit, and is suitable for use on chairs with four legs and a backrest. It is fitted with safety harness straps to easily secure baby. However, it can be used almost anywhere on a hard surface such as a floor to keep baby secure at playtime.

The SpongePod Booster Seat is designed for babies 6 months old and beyond, the seat has a maximum weight capacity of 15kg.

Dimensions: 42 × 34 × 23 cm

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