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The Importance Of Teaching Children To Swim

Reading Time: 2 minutes

importance of teaching children to swimIt goes without saying that one of the most important life skills that you can teach your child is swimming. Quite apart from the obvious benefits of fitness and fun, is one of personal safety when around water.  Whether you’re at a pool, by a river, or by the sea, knowing the basics of swimming & water safety could potentially save your life if you get into difficulty.

From a very young age a great way of introducing your baby to the water is your bath at home, and because of this BabyDam are huge supporters of Water Babies and the admirable work that they do for children all over the world. Water Babies have been teaching babies & toddlers to swim & learn life skills since 2002. They recognised the importance of teaching children at a very young age to swim and how beneficial it can be for them in the long run. For Water babies ‘there’s no greater thrill than seeing a baby move freely, gracefully and confidently through water in a way they physically can’t manage on dry land’.

Teaching lessons up and down the country, and the Water Babies classes that are run all over the world, they teach children of all ages the importance of swimming whilst incorporating lots of fun and bonding. Teaching a child how to swim is about removing the fears they may have about water and making them grow into a fully fledged water baby! Teaching your child how to swim is a priceless activity that will stay with them for the rest of their life, an invaluable skill that should never be discounted.

Water babies have a wealth of experience in teaching children to swim, and their professionalism in all classes is honourable, no one works harder than them to help make sure you and your little one feel safe in the water.  Additionally all of their classes are done in a lovely environment that isn’t daunting for yourself or your child. All of the classes are run in pools that are heated to a minimum of 32 degrees and classes are kept small so there will always be plenty of guidance and attention for all the children.  Swimming from babyhood is a beautiful journey for all to partake in, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can pick up kicking, floating and having fun in the water! If you’re looking to introduce your little one to swimming you can find your nearest Water Babies class here

Because we think that Water Babies is such a great thing, we have teamed up with them to offer you all 20% off our BabyDams, mats and ducks! To find out how to redeem this discount simply sign up to their treats newsletter, you can find out how to sign up here.

Have you heard of Water Babies before or taken your little one to their classes? Please do  comment below or let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter!