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Using BabyDam In A Bath With Central Taps

Reading Time: 2 minutes

babydam central bath taps

One of the most common comments we get on our Instagram posts is ‘I wish I could use a BabyDam, but my bath has taps in the middle so it wouldn’t work’.


BabyDam works perfectly with baths that have taps in the centre of the bath. The misconception is that you need to fit BabyDam at a certain point and towards the taps end of the bath. The design of BabyDam allows you to position it anywhere in bath, the reason for this being so you can create as small or as large area as you like for your child depending on their size and how much water you want to save.

So, how does it work with central taps?

As pictured below, the BabyDam is being used in an L shaped bath with central taps. You simply need to position it in the centre on either side of the taps so it can then be filled up directly from the taps, simple!

Alternatively, if you have a shower head you could create a smaller area away from the taps and fill it with a shower head or jugs of water.

babydam central bath taps


Whether you have a standard sized bath, L, P shaped or have central taps, BabyDam can help you to save water, time and money at bath time. If you have any questions about the compatibility of it with your bath please feel free to drop us an email with a picture of your bath to and a member of our team will be in touch!

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