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Save water, energy, time & space

water saving facts

The Bathwater Barrier is designed to help busy eco‐conscious parents everywhere

save water, time, money and space by just using the amount of water needed in the bath when bathing

newborn babies and small infants.  Creating a smaller space gives both baby and parent reassurance by making it easier to keep baby safely within

arms reach. This way parents also save time in filling the bath giving more time for play and they also save money on

energy costs by just heating the amount of water needed. When BathTime is over the barrier is easy

to remove and store. Keeping in line with the Governments Environment Plan to reduce domestic

water usage, the Bathwater Barrier is a must for today’s environmentally conscious family.

Positioning BabyDam half way along an average sized bath:

  1. and filling to “minimum” mark saves 28 litres of water per bathtime.
  2. And filling to “maximum” mark saves 56 litres of water per bathtime

28 litres is the equivalent of 70 cups of tea (28000ml / 400ml average cup size) or 84 cans of Coke (28000ml / 330ml)

56 litres is the equivalent of 140 cups of tea (56000ml / 400ml average cup size) or 168 cans of Coke (56000ml / 330ml)

If the baby has a bath every day the savings are:

  1. 28 x 365 = 10,220
  2. 56 x 365 = 20,440

Other ways to save water can be found on Waterwise’s website