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What Is A Swaddle Bath?

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Swaddle Bath

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Having unlimited access to the internet and social media at the touch of a button can be both an asset and a hindrance to parenting in the 21st century. There is a lot to be said about social media and the effect it has on our mental health, especially as a new Mum who is trying to find her feet and can quite often receive unsolicited advice on these platforms.

On the other hand, the fact we can literally type our panicked questions into google at 2am like ‘why isn’t my baby sleeping?’ and ‘how do I know they’re ill?’ is undeniably amazing.  With social media, we constantly have support, advice and inspiration when we NEED it. As well as coming across techniques and parenting tips and tricks that can help make busy life that little bit easier.

It was only last week that we stumbled across one of our French customers using a BabyDam and sharing their swaddle bath technique with their audience.

Now, swaddling is something that is a very well known, historic technique for babies which is the ancient practice of snuggly wrapping baby in a thin blanket or sheet, to help baby feel safe and secure, almost like the feeling of being in the womb.

However, a swaddle bath is something we only recently stumbled across on social media, and our minds are blown by this simple and effective technique.

What Is A Swaddle Bath?

A swaddle bath is a technique used and taught in neonatal services which is suitable for premature and young babies as it helps to get them ready for their bath time. It allows them to feel like a sweet cocoon as if they are still in the womb of their mother.

It was originally invented by Edna Sailer, a registered nurse of 38 years. Edna said, ‘“We found that babies’ temperatures were better stabilised and they were less likely to cry,” while using the technique. The research speaks for itself, it indicates out of 15 babies who were given a traditional sponge bath, 93 percent cried, compared to just 38 percent of the 21 babies who received a swaddle bath!

This technique will particularly help with what can be a stressful experience when bathing a newborn. When preparing them for bath time, loosely swaddle them in a baby swaddle, thin blanket or sheet.

With your newborn baby loosely swaddled, immerse them in the water up to their shoulders. Whilst holding baby securely, the swaddle is gently unswaddled on each limb individually, washed, rinsed and then reswaddled before exposing the next body part.

Bathtime with a newborn should only be 5-10 minutes long and remember to be mindful on their body temperature as they can quickly become overheated or too cold, swaddle baths will help your baby climatise to baby bath time and you’ll be bossing it in no time!

Have you heard of swaddle baby baths before? Did you try it with your little one? Keep up to date with the latest news from BabyDam over on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter!